Spinning Day

Is actually the 3rd – this sat!

Date: 03/03
Time: 10:00 am, wrapping up before 3:00pm
Place: Burwood Park in Burwood
Bring: wheels, spindles, fibre, a good sense of humour, food/picnic lunch, knitting, crochet, etc.
Open to: anyone who feels up for a bit of spinning, or wants to learn, or just feels like hanging out with people who are spinning.

And thanks to Yarnivorous, this link might make you rethink your next chicken dinner.

Dunny Roll, Fresh Hay, and Spinning…

Today, I spent far too much time discussing different grades of toilet paper. Wanna know about embossing and perforations? Don’t ask – I’ll tell you.

Mark informed me that the small and furry people with long ears are out of hay. Which is a problem, considering that hay is their principle diet, and that the little rotters can eat their own volume several times over, each and every day, but I managed to get to Carlingford Produce after they officially closed, but before they went home.

The hay is gorgeous! Fresh smelling, and bright green in colour. I think it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a bale of hay ($27.50), but it is possibly the best hay I’ve ever seen – definitely the best since the drought got bad.

Tonight, after the creatures had their dinner, I plucked some more fur and mats out of Miss Blueberry. She was not amused, but she got craisins (bunny crack), and I now have a much larger sample of fuzz for our spinning day on saturday the 10th.

Sally – I may have to rescind my offer of a lift to SSK, unless you want to come to the spinning day too ? We’re meeting in a park to spin and bitch, all welcome – comment if you want me to send you the details.

Picture is of a Lorikeet that came to visit at Tony and Kates after the party last weekend. It’s a bit blurry, but it is true to the state of my mind that morning!

Victorian Lace Today

Thanks to Sally, I now have my very own copy of Victorian Lace Today. And as soon as I can finish the tattoo for TBA, I’m casting on for something slinky and drapey, and yummy, just for ME.

I have promised mum another shawl from this book, but I think the next one is for me. I bought the yarn at R+L’s, it’s a viscose and Baumwolle blend. David translated Baumwolle to mean “tree wool” – we later found another translation of “cotton”, but I’m sticking with tree wool.

The colour is a rich and deep plummy eggplanty burgundy sort of purply shininess. It deserves pictures, but it’s nearly 11.30pm, and rather wet out. I’ll put in a concerted effort on the tattoo, and shiny yarn will get its day in the sun. It isn’t seasilk, but I have great hopes. There is a shade card here, but the colour is far to dark, totally wrong – though you do get some idea of the shiny and slinky…

And here is the stitch pattern I waited for a year to find. Thanks Celia! I have swatched extensively, and am looking for the perfect increase (the KFB leaves a little coloured ladder, and isn’t ideal for what I have in mind).

Post Script – I think the colour is number 45 on the shade card, but I forgot to mention that because the shade card is too dark.

Maxine McKew for Bennelong?

A the last federal election, Andrew Wilkie stood for the Greens against John Howard for Bennelong – the electorate in which I currently reside.  Yes, “Our Mighty Leader” is our local member.

Less than an hour ago, Kevin Rudd announced that the Labour Party candidate for the next federal election would be Maxine McKew.

Since Andrew moved to Tassie (and is number 2 on the Greens senate ticket after Bob Brown), we don’t have a high profile local candidate to field in Bennelong.  But despite her affiliation with a party that deserted me years ago, Maxine will do quite nicely.  I won’t be voting for her, but I am happy to see that there is a mainstream candidate that will draw attention to Bennelong and make the campaign interesting.

Now, if you aren’t political, here are a few reasons why you should educate yourself a little bit about the Australian political system, and use your vote to make a difference this year.

1.  The planet is suffering, and if we don’t make some big changes NOW, there won’t be much of a future for TBA.

2.  Everyone has a vote, everyone has a voice.  You don’t have to agree with me politically, but I will respect your opinion as long as you have one.  Apathy is a luxury that only the upper classes can afford – caring for each other demands that me make informed decisions that consider the outcomes for those less fortunate than ourselves.

3.  The conservatives hold the balance of power in the senate.  Before this happened, the Greens were able to influence policy in some key areas.  Stem cell research, mandatory detention, and RU486 are just a few key issues that having one extra Green senator has afforded us.  Whatever happens in the lower house will make a difference – but the senate is key to maintaining an effective opposition in Australia.

If you think you could learn more about the Aussie political system, there is a great primer here.  It is written by Greens, so you may be skeptical – but I thought it was pretty good.  And honestly, my understanding of the whole disaster is pretty sketchy, but I do know that the more of us that understand fully the consequences of our vote, the better.

PS.  Until I met Mark, my contact with politicians was peripheral at best, and kinda creepy – I’ll tell you about it one day.  Since then, I’ve met three that have made a big impact on me.  Kerry, of course, I’m related to – so I have to say nice things.  But if you know me, you know I don’t pull punches, and I don’t pretend to like people just to play nice.  My brother’s ex-girlfriends can attest to that.  Kerry is a principled, intelligent, committed, and compassionate woman.  And she knits.  And Andrew Wilkie lost his job over a matter of principle.  He is a shining example of the good that a military career can bring out in a man, shiny shoes, an abhorrence of war, and a skill with people that makes you want to follow him.  And then there is Lee Rhiannon.  I don’t know Lee as well as Andrew and Kerry, but every time I have met her, I have been struck by her passion and commitment.  So my point is – if we could examine the reasons for people entering politics, what would we find?  Some for the glory, some for the money, some for the power.  And some who want to make the world a better place. Those are the ones worth voting for.

Happy Weekend!

Happy Birthday to Bex, I hope your day was filled with good things.

Mark and I drove up the mountains last night for a housewarming party, and we’re starting to think more seriously about moving west – it’s very likely that when we buy a house, it will be somewhere in the mountains, but in the meantime it may make sense to rent up there for a while.

We had a great time at the party (I met a woman who is going to raise alpacas!), I fell into a deep sleep on the very comfy couch while the party raged around me (getting old, I think I did very well to keep the eyelids up until after 1am), and we had a leisurely breakfast overlooking the valley while the birds kept us entertained.

Not going to the pub today – Mark hasn’t had much sleep, and it’s wet, and we’ve done more than enough driving for one weekend.

And thanks to Celia, I finally have the stitch pattern I need for the sock of my dreams. I’ve been swatching for nearly a year now, and I am on the verge of a breakthrough. Just need to refine a detail or two, and then I can proceed to an actual prototype. Happy!

And if you want to read something a wee bit disturbing, click here.