Baby’s First Tattoo

On friday, while we were waiting for the pictures of my modified foot, we wandered around Pennant Hills looking for lunch, and I stumpled across a yarn shop. Quell Suprise!

Actually, I knew the yarn shop was there, and I went there deliberately, but let’s keep that between ourselves, shall we?

I bought another ball of black sock yarn to finish the birthday socks for dad, and two balls of Zara, lime green and a soft but vibrant purple.

After the drama of the day, and a whole lot of hobbling around, I took to my bed in the afternoon, determined to try out the new needles with the yarn I had bought. So I went in search of a suitable pattern on the intertron, but ended up with one of my old standbys – “Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation”.

Here is a link to another bloggers finished item. Mine will be much larger, as it’s done in 8ply, and it will be also much greener. With some purple. But you get the general idea.

And the needles ? I am in love. I am smitten. I am in deep smit. Smooth like an addi, but pointy to perfection, so that even using a splitty yarn and a cable cast on – it did not spilt once. Knitpicks Options needles are the needles of my dreams. I once said htat you could pry my addi turbos from my cold dead fingers, but I am changing allegiances. Pictures when I can get out of bed.

UN report on global warming

Aust ‘must adapt’ to global warming – ABC News Online

The study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says the earth’s temperature could rise by up to four degrees Celsius by the end of the century and human activity is the highly probable cause.

Sheesh.  Really?  And I’ve been blaming those poor innocent penguins for all these years.

More like my father than I thought


Ankle is healing nicely.  Foot is broken.

Had x-rays today, which show a clean break at the base of the 5th metatarsal. We went to the GP, to the radiologist, back to the GP, and then off to emergency at Hornsby hospital.  Saw a very lovely Scottish Dr. with a fab accent who assured me that a world cup football (soccer) player had exactly the same injury and healed up well enough to play for England.  So this won’t compromise my chances of playing in the World Cup.  Will go to the fracture clinic next week to get it looked at by a specialist, but odds are that I won’t need further treatment – apart from rest. About 6 weeks worth.

Which means that I won’t get most of my ambitious to do list done before I go back to work.

I am pissed off at myself, but not in very much pain, and I probably won’t need surgery.  It could have been a lot worse, and I am very much in touch with the funny side.

P.S. Hornsby Hospital has lifted its game considerably. Last time we were there was a nightmare, this time, we were in and out within 20 minutes – and that includes seeing an emergency doctor. My faith in the public health system is restored.

There’s a lump

Now, we’ve already established that I am not a doctor. I have no specialist medical knowledge. I am pretty good with a sick rabbit (and I have the textbook for that too), but sick humans are not my thing.

But I do know that a sprain is just soft tissue damage. And that when you take the bandage off your sprained foot, and the swelling is pretty much gone, the bruising has broken up, you shouldn’t find a hard bony lump. And when the ankle looks pretty much recovered, it shouldn’t hurt as badly as it did on the first day. Well, not quite that bad – I now think that I did have a sprain, and that hurt, but I think I have a secondary issue as well, and that hurts as much as it did on the first day.

So I’ve made an appointment to see the quack, but I could really do with hearing “nothing wrong with you, stop your whinging”. But I suspect that isn’t what I’m going to hear.