Hospital update

So I was supposed to go in for a checkup and histopathology reports on Friday, but I have this damn essay to do and I forgot. I rescheduled for today, and yup, I forgot again.

Tonight I had a phone call from the lovely woman in EPAC (Emergency Pregnancy Assessment Clinic). Apparently my histopathology was all fine, she checked that my symptoms were all within normal limits, and informed me of what to expect in the coming months, and what to do if it doesn’t happen (i.e., have a normal period).

Then she told me that there was no need to come in, saving me another trip to that dreadful place. I thanked her profusely, and asked her if she remembered me from 2010. She did, and she knew that Archimedes had died, even though I hadn’t told her – clearly the hospital grapevine is working. Of all the people I met during those months, hers is a face I remember as being always a positive, smiling and caring one. I took the opportunity to tell her what her work had meant to me all those months ago, and we both had a little cry.

I also told her about some of the awful stuff that happened, and she encouraged me to put it in writing to the hospital, in the hope that other women don’t have to suffer through the same crap. It must be an immensely difficult place to work, giving people bad news so often, I hope it gave her some joy to know that the bad news is better coming from someone who really does seem to care.

She could teach a few health professionals a thing or two 😉

So I should be working on my essay…

But I checked my email, and there is an offer for a brother sewing machine for $149. Which seems quite good. THe problem is, I haven’t actually determined whether my current machine is actually dead, or just sick. So any idle thoughts of buying a new machine are purely speculative, but I thought I’d just see if I could find a review.

No review so far, but I did find that the machine normally sells for about $250, so it does seem like a good price.

And then I stumbled upon a review of another machine that looked intriguing – an Ikea sewing machine for less than $100!

So at least if I do determine that my machine is permanently dead, I can get a cheapie that seems reasonable to tide me through until I have $2k to spend on the machine of my dreams, that does little embroidered sheep.

The short version

I am ok.

It was horrible.

There was a huge gush of blood and I thought I was going to die. Nobody warned me about blood.

I didn’t die.

It took five hours of waiting before I had surgery.

Everyone was really nice.

The operating theatre looked exactly like the one where I had Archie and Aubrey.

The recovery bed where I woke up afterwards was EXACTLY the same as where I was after having the twins.

I lost it, and cried and cried and cried.

I felt much better after three doses of painkillers.

I got home at 8pm, and hugged my beautiful Inigo, thanked Andrew and my parents for looking after him, ate wonderful food prepared by Bonnie and Zenia, and went to sleep.

This morning Mark took Inigo out, and I thought I would start my essay (due monday week), but instead I enjoyed my day and did some reading.

Had a nice dinner and a glass of something tasty, and life is looking much more reasonable tonight.

A plan

I have an essay due on the 23rd of April, and an exam on the 27th. So it occurred to me that the time to have this miscarriage is before then.

I made an appointment for next Thursday to have day surgery, at which point it will be about 7 weeks since the heart stopped beating, and three weeks after my bleeding stopped.

This morning I’ve had acupuncture to try to induce labour, and it that fails, I go in for surgery on Thursday.

Not what I wanted, but probably sensible if I want to not fail completely this semester.

Happy Easter!