Mark, Squishy and I spent Star Wars Day (4th May) at Hobbiton.  And today, I finally arranged to borrow Mark’s lappy so that I can upload my pics and caption them.

I was going to try to make a gallery here, but instead I think I’ll just stick in a link to flickr, and same myself some pain and a few hours of dealing with wordpress.

So, without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here are my pictures from Hobbiton.

(Or – I’ve just realised you can click left and right from the main picture and see the whole set from the main picture above)

And then I took up another craft

 Woolfest today was WONDERFUL!
 Jussi met me there, and we spent the whole day fondling exotic yarns and chatting.
 I bought some Happy-Go-Knitty self striping rainbow sock, and some Rowan Calmer (for $6 a ball!).
 And this. A supported spindle made from used photocopier parts and carbon fibre, and some lovely merino/silk to learn with.
 A fabulous day, met wonderful people, and even got a gig teaching about ravelry.
 Overall, so far we are all finding much that is wonderful in our new home. I am missing my friends very much, so immersion into the Auckland fibre scene is just the thing.