I Passed !

Today was the final day of my Celebrants course… And I passed ! I am now a civil Celebrant – which means I can do baby namings, funerals, vow renewals, all kinds of rites of passage except Weddings. Once I apply to the attourney Generals Department, and my application is approved, I will go onto a waiting list for authorisation. It “should” take less than 2 years, so I have the next 2 years to practice my skills before I get to legally wed anyone.

And the ceremony I had to do today was a bilingual one, requiring a translator – the teacher had told me it was easy, but I found it quite a challenge. After the ceremony, she told me that a ceremony with a translator is one of the hardest to control with grace and flow – and I did really well ! My translator was wonderful, which really helped, and I am utterly thrilled to have such positive feedback, as well as the knowledge that I passed all of my assessments (it was a LOT of work for someone who has been out of formal schooling for so long).

Bounce bounce… … …

Celebrations !

Today was the first day of my course, and I am so glad I decided to do it ! The course leader, Carol, says that there are no coincidences…. So maybe there is a reason I am at this course, maybe I do have what it takes.

Anyway, it’s been fun, looks like being hard work, but I am looking forward to the challenge, and the social contact !