Jen from Rainbow Days posted about an awesome adventure place for kids in Jakarta.

I’ve never really spent much time in Jakarta, usually preferring to use it as a big noisy, smelly & rude transit lounge to much nicer places, but I think this is something Inigo would love so much it might even be worth a social visit.

Check out the website, there isn’t one in Australia yet, but Tokyo and Mumbai are on my travel wish lists πŸ™‚

O Week

No tutorials or pracs this week, but thanks to Bev and Mum I am able to attend the first lectures of each of my two subjects (Social and Personality Psychology, and Cognition 1). So today all I had to do was get my student card, and try to borrow a book from the library.

After the walk from the carpark, I was already sweaty and lightheaded. I found the line for the student card, and quickly decided that I would either pass out or vomit if I had to stand there for more than a bout 5 minutes, so I gave up. The school leavers around me in the queue were outraged that I was planning on staying on campus without a valid student card. I thought one of them was going to hyperventilate because of the wild and unbuttoned anarchy. And that is clearly the problem with mature age students on campus πŸ˜‰

I found myself some water, and joined the Dr Who society, the Greens, the Psychological Society, the Womens Collective, the LGBTI group (poor chap wasn’t quite ready for me), and the atheists. By which point I was ready to take to my chaise. I then came across the Campus Wellbeing stall, and it occurred to me that I might as well go and make friends with them, being that if this year goes well I’ll have a baby, and I may need extra support, and if things go badly, I won’t have a baby, and I will very shortly afterwards be certifiably insane…

So I staggered upstairs, explained my history to the lovely Jackie, and made an appointment to see a disability support officer in a few weeks time. She then offered to help me get my student card by taking me to the head of the queue. I almost protested, but better sense prevailed, and I gratefully accepted. And then, once I got it, I had another sit down for an hour to recover my strength to get back to the car.

So I spent about 3 hours in total, and managed to get 1 student card, drink about 2 litres of water, and book in to the wellbeing centre.

But I appear to have completely bypassed all of the promised O Week craziness.

Should I go back tomorrow? I still have a book to find!


Today, things started badly when Inigo peed in our bed. He was awake, it wasn’t a sleepy accident.

Later, we had to leave a friends place because he repeatedly ignored instructions, culminating in throwing sticks in the wading pool where there were babies playing.

Once, I told off some kids for throwing a rock and nearly killing my child, so I take it as my sacred duty to prevent him from killing (or maiming) anyone else’s child. So stick throwing is something I take a very dim view of, and when it is preceded by other bad behaviour, action is necessary.

We came home and had a cool bath together. We talked about why it is important to listen to mama, and about saying sorry. He told me what he wanted to say to our friends, and I printed it out for him to trace.

He then spent the next hour writing this letter for them.


I am very proud that he is learning how to repair after a conflict πŸ™‚

Finally enrolled

But because this has all taken so freaking long – all the tute, lecture and prac places are filled, and I have been forced to enrol in classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that are on after I have to pick up Inigo from preschool.

I’ll have to try begging to get into some of the classes that are already full.

Oh, UNE, how I miss you!

Oh, and I finally had contact from the hospital. I’ll see the high risk team on the first of March. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I make it that far.

Four words

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!

Thank you Jezebel!

Now, for the news that matters…

I was granted 20 credit points by Macquarie. I can use those credit points to get exemptions for subjects that are similar to ones I have already done. On Friday I asked for an exemption for 100 level psych 1&2, with the intention that I would take 100 level stats this semester which would then allow me to take on 200 level subjects next semester.

I’ve been boring my friends stupid with talk of stats, of planning a light semester (only 1 subject, so I can really get my teeth into it), and mentally preparing myself for the onslaught.

And then I was granted an exemption for stats. An exemption I didn’t want, and didn’t ask for.

Now it seems like a free pass, “woo hoo! I don’t have to do stats this semester”, etc, etc…

But what happens when I need to do 200 level stats without even studying 100 level stats.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

And in order to avoid thinking about it while I spend this semester out of my brain with stress about something I cannot control, I think I’ll do personality, or sensation and perception…