Today, things started badly when Inigo peed in our bed. He was awake, it wasn’t a sleepy accident.

Later, we had to leave a friends place because he repeatedly ignored instructions, culminating in throwing sticks in the wading pool where there were babies playing.

Once, I told off some kids for throwing a rock and nearly killing my child, so I take it as my sacred duty to prevent him from killing (or maiming) anyone else’s child. So stick throwing is something I take a very dim view of, and when it is preceded by other bad behaviour, action is necessary.

We came home and had a cool bath together. We talked about why it is important to listen to mama, and about saying sorry. He told me what he wanted to say to our friends, and I printed it out for him to trace.

He then spent the next hour writing this letter for them.


I am very proud that he is learning how to repair after a conflict 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. wow his writing is amazing! So neat! And what asweetie 🙂

    by the way my SIL has just started first yr stats as a psych pre-req & she is very surprised & relieved at how basic it is (she was freaking out about stats)


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