I’m much cooler than I thought I was…

Nearly three years ago, I knit a cot blanket for little Lara, the first born child of my ex-flattie, and lovely friend, Anna.

It was made from Cleckheaton Country, in the most garish colours I could find, a basic feather and fan stitch pattern.

I loved it, Anna seemed to love it, and now it’s serving her second daughter, Ursula.

And today, I have seen it copied*.

Scroll down to the last picture, notice the blankie draped over the green cot in the background.

More pictures here.

*Of course they copied me! How impertinent to suggest that someone independently had the same idea at the same time 😉

A ride on toy?

Img 9436

This picture was taken at Kerry’s birthday party in December. Ella had just started to walk, and found Inigo a most amusing plaything. She continually tried to climb on and ride him like a horse, which was fine with Inigo, but she got most upset when he collapsed under her (very slight) weight!


Sometime in the next, um, week or two, we’ll hit 2000 actual (not spam) comments!

To celebrate, the 2000th commenter will get a little something from me.

And in previous competitions, I am pleased to announce the winner from my last foray.

And the winner is…

Absolute bias and not a random number generator was used to pick…


Who has just entered the Sydney property market. Pop on over and wish her luck!

Andrea, drop me a line and let me know what you’d prefer – some gorgeous silky black alpaca fibre, ready to spin, or some lace-weight from the stash.


The books that I gave Kerry for the Timorese pre-school have been translated and delivered.  Here are some picture that Kerry sent of the kids.

I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to make a small difference in the lives of these kids.  It’s not saving lives, or world peace, but it’s worth doing.

I’m still collecting books, crayons, pens, exercise books, and money for the next round.  Money will be taken to Timor and spent locally, to benefit the local economy as well as the school, and any goods that I get above about 5kg in weight will have to be posted, as there is a strict baggage allowance on flights to Timor.

Thanks to Sarah, Emma, Lynne, Sally, Kate and mum, who have all made donations or promised help.

And if you have an urge to contribute, drop me a line, or leave a comment here 🙂  Donations need to be finalised within a day or so, I think Adam is leaving Sydney on the 30th.

Boys + Books

Girl+ Upsidedown Book

Kassian + Drum

Kids + Books3

Kids Singing

Kids Singing2


Mana Kassian + Girls With Tais For Presentation

Music Boys

Music Boys2

Music Boys3







Since dad’s been helping out every week, we’ve often been going to the Taj vegetarian Indian in Harris Park for lunch. One of the lovely waitresses there has taken quite a shine to the youngster, and once took him out of his high chair and out the back to the kitchen. Where I know there is a back door.

Dad quipped “at least they are vegetarian”. Charming.

He’s quite the adventurous eater, and will give anything a go, especially if he sees me eating it. Even curries and samosas that I think are quite hot (and I have a high tolerance for chilli), and he is becoming a bit of a tourist attraction by the water cooler.

Anyway, our waitress friend has noted that Inigo likes Mango Lassi, I have been buying one to share with him, but lately he’s been drinking more and more. He managed to use a straw without issue!

So on Thursday, our waitress friend brought one extra lassi – a freebee for her special friend, all to himself.

Was he happy?


You bet he was!