11 Months

Img 3517

It’s been a big week.

Saturday morning Mark took him to his second swimming lesson, and then we went to a party for James’ first birthday. On Saturday night, there was no sleep. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but none of us got much.

And in the morning, there was a tooth.

Img 3520

We had to hold him upside down to get the picture, but he likes that a lot, so it’s all good.

On Sunday, we caught up with my dad’s extended family for a christening, and he charmed one and all.

On Monday, there was crawling.

Img 3506

Tuesday brought clapping, and pulling up to stand in his cot, all the better to hear the echo of his screams when the evil mama confines him.

On Wednesday, today, there was another tooth – popping out between his 2 hour morning nap, and his 2 hour afternoon nap.

Img 3159

He is adored by one and all, and getting more and more adorable by the second.


I love the comments – just need to apologise about the way things are working at the moment. I like to respond to comments when it’s appropriate, and until recently all comments were emailed to me for moderation, and the emailed again once they were approved.

Mark (AKA the Husbeast Sys Admin), has moved the site to a new server, which resulted in a few changes. The random pictures in the top right hand corner aren’t working, the stat counter is broken, and the way the comments work has changed.

The new host doesn’t have an email server, so wordpress can’t email me when comments need approval (so sometimes they wait quite a while because I don’t think to check), and it doesn’t email me the comments, so I can’t respond by email easily.

None of this is a big issue (please don’t stress about this darling!), but I feel I should explain to regular commenters (you know who you are!), why you might feel like I’m ignoring you…

Touched by his noodly appendage

I put Inigo in his Pastafarian Onesie (that he got from Adam and Sarah for Christmas last year) after aqua aerobics today, and we have had a small miracle.

We left him with Bev for a few hours this afternoon, and when we came back, she informed us that he was definitely on the move.

So out came the mobile phone, and here he is exploring his new powers.

I hope he uses them only for good, but I have my doubts.

A new way to get the kid to giggle

The Theme to the “Muddy Mudskipper Show” from Ren & Stimpy.

Who’s the greatest mudskipper of them all?
Who can skip thru the mud with the greatest of ease?
What kind of wonderful guy?
Who can crawl like a dog without scraping his knees?
Who’s got seg-ment-ed eyes?
It’s Muddy Mud-Skipper!
It’s Muddy!
It’s the Muddy!
Mm-ud Ski-pper show!!

So far, his favourite songs are “The Philosopher’s Song“, “Galumph Went the Little Green Frog”, and “Happy Together”. Happy Together was the song that Mark sang to me as I walked up the steps of the Rotunda at Observatory Hill to get married, so it’s special to both of us. The Philosopher’s Song has always been a great favourite of mine. It may not be orthodox to introduce the kid to a drinking song at such a tender age, but it should do wonders for his curiosity about the history of philosophy when he is of an age.

And we’ve been able to calm him when he is having a fit of pique since he was about six weeks old by singing a rousing chorus or two, so I think a little philosophy won’t do any harm.


That’s how much less fat I had on this saturday than I had last saturday!

And I was feeling really good about that until my friend and WW support buddy told me that she had lost 4.3kg.  She is clearly a legend,but I am still impressed with myself.

And while we’re on the subject of weight, the kid is 9.7kg as of last Thursday.  And the head is back above the 97th percentile.