I love the comments – just need to apologise about the way things are working at the moment. I like to respond to comments when it’s appropriate, and until recently all comments were emailed to me for moderation, and the emailed again once they were approved.

Mark (AKA the Husbeast Sys Admin), has moved the site to a new server, which resulted in a few changes. The random pictures in the top right hand corner aren’t working, the stat counter is broken, and the way the comments work has changed.

The new host doesn’t have an email server, so wordpress can’t email me when comments need approval (so sometimes they wait quite a while because I don’t think to check), and it doesn’t email me the comments, so I can’t respond by email easily.

None of this is a big issue (please don’t stress about this darling!), but I feel I should explain to regular commenters (you know who you are!), why you might feel like I’m ignoring you…

4 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. I usually respond to comments I receive by leaving a further comment of my own… knowing full well that people probably don’t return to look. I’m just typing into the ether. But, you know, I’d like the conversation to be public sometimes.

    But back to the topic at hand, I don’t feel ignored, either.


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