&Week10002 2

That would explain the throwing up. And possibly the irritability and weeping. And the inability to cope with people that eat my beloved companion animals and insist on telling me how great they taste.

Edited to add: Due date is currently 23/11/07. Which is kind of spooky since our best man and woman are due on the 19th.

Ikea Bargain Bin

It’s not a bargain. But it is a bin.

Mark bought all of our new bedroom furniture yesterday, but the TV cabinet we wanted for the bedroom was out of stock. They implied that it was never coming back into stock, but showed him one in the “Bargain Bin” section of the store. I am always suspicious of the bargain bin stuff, because it’s usually not marked down much, and the furniture is often beyond repair. So I was a little anxious when Mark told me he had bought the last one in the shop, pre assembled from the bargain bin. One of the doors needed a few screws tightened, and there was a slight mark on the front. And there was a small discount. Mark had to sign a delivery waiver – that the goods would be accepted in whatever condition, and there are no refunds.

The delivery came this morning, and the cabinet is badly damaged. One door was been ripped off the cabinet, with hinges still attached, and the particle board is so damaged that we won’t ever be able to get the door to stay on, unless we re machine the door to move the hinges. Which will probably cost as much as the damned cabinet. The other door is split through – eventually it’s going to fall off too.

The only solution I can see, is to either make a curtain to hide the TV (which will look pretty stupid when all of the rest of the furniture has sleek, clean lines), or buy new doors and new hinges, and hope that we can find enough undamaged wood to screw them into.

Or drop another $400 on another cabinet, that probably won’t match the rest of the furniture.

No pictures, too depressed.


Fishpond is an Aussie site, very similar to the Book Depository. I ordered a few books last week, and was notified today that they are in the post. The books haven’t arrived yet, but I’m impressed so far.

Aishwarya Rai is getting married! If you don’t know who she is, take a look. A gentle introduction to Bollywood films is her 2005 film, Bride & Predjudice – a Bollywood interpretation of Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen). I challenge you not to fall in love with her a little bit. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world (in my opinion), and not a bad actress to boot. I wish her well.

So. My day.

If you’ve seen me lately, you’ll know that work isn’t a barrel of laughs. I am feeling more and more like I am swimming with sharks while some bastard is trying to stand on my head, while some other bastard is taking pot shots at me with a bb gun. I’m trying hard, but finding it hard to keep my eye on the shoreline.

Imagine how I felt when I got “the vibe” today. You know, the strong scent of a “Don’t Come Monday” in the air. The accounts person who never comes in on a friday is there. With school aged daughter in tow. Whispered conversations. Closed doors. Discussion of mysterious documents that need to be on letterhead. I have a nose for it, and I’ve never been wrong.

But I was wrong today. The DCM was real, but it wasn’t for me. They canned someone else. I can’t say I’m relieved.

And on Sunday, Coro Innominata has a concert. This means that I’ll be at the pub from around 1pm, but I’ll be leaving before 3pm to get to the concert.

DPN Saga continued

THe lovely panel beater up the street will have to take the entire door trim off to get the needle out. Which will cost about $20, which I am prepared to pay in order to do the green thing, and boost the economy, etc.. But. It’s a work car, and I feel a bit strange about pulling someone else’s car apart to get a single knitting needle.

I’ve tried knitting with 4, but it isn’t fun, and I’m only here for the fun. So for now, I’ll knit with one of the 2.5’s and I’ll bet no-one will ever know the difference.

And maybe I’ll order another set of 2.25’s. So I can futureproof myself a little.

A plan

Pearl Beach after the New Years Day fires, 2006

Thomas’ funeral was today. Aunty Emily was distressed, but I hope that the service today brings her some peace. I met my second cousins for the first time, and heard more platitudes than I can usually handle before breakfast.

And on to the plan.

The weather is getting colder, and for a while I have been mulling over the idea of a mini knitters retreat. My family has a holiday house at Pearl Beach, and I can use the house for a weekend (thinking of the 12th + 13th of May). I can have about 3 people stay over, but it would be great to have a few daytime drop ins as well.

I’ll bring the Mah Jong set, and and we can talk to the kookaburras, go for bush walks, sit on the beach, or just drink endless cups of tea and chat.

Sound like your cup of tea? Leave a comment, or email me, and I’ll see if we can get a plan together.

DPN’s of the damned…


Loving my new Knitpicks DPN’s.  Commiserated with Paisley Womble about her Terrible Incident&trade, but never thought that something like that could happen to me.

Until yesterday, driving to work with the Valentines Day sock on the passenger seat so I could get in a few stitches at the traffic lights, and I rounded a corner with a little too much enthusiasm. One needle went flying – and when I got to work, it couldn’t be found.

I drove around quite a bit yesterday, and could hear it slipping and sliding. Eventually, I located it in the map pocket of the passenger door. Wedged in the seam between the bit of plastic forming the pocket, and the bit of plastic lining the door. But it had slipped backwards, and there was a shiny half inch poking out cheekily.

I went to the chemist and bought needle point tweezers. No luck. I tried needle nosed pliers to no avail. I even found a heavy duty magnet and tried to coax the little sucker out if its hiding place, but no. It’s staying put.

As I see it, there are two options. Knit with one 2mm and four 2.25’s (after I see Sally one the weekend – I left the 2mm’s at hers last week). Or dismantle the work Magna.

Anyone have an owners manual?

And in Melon Shawl news, I have turned the corner. It looks like cat vomit (and I’ve seen far too much of that lately), but in blocking we trust.


Aunty Emily

She rang me this afternoon in a bit of a panic, she was trying to find mum, and rang my phone number because it was listed under mums in her phone book. She didn’t know who I was, so I reminded her, and told her that mum is on holidays. She didn’t sound too good on the phone, so I offered to come over. She must have rung me six times in the time it took me to get there. A few times to try to convince me not to come (worried that the drive is too dangerous), once to ask me to get some corn on the cob for Cocky (which I couldn’t find for love nor money), once to ask me if I needed her to unlock the gate so I could park in the front yard (which she then forgot to do, so I parked around the corner outside the cemetery), and once more to tell me not to come.

I found out some interesting things. Apparently she now acknowledges that she used to model with Rita, that she went to parties, that she existed before she found the church. And apparently, she had musical talent. She had a lovely soprano voice, and took violin and piano lessons.

So there is musical talent in my family after all. It began and ended with Emily, but it is there.

Emily is coming to terms with the fact that she will have to leave her home, and live with her other son, Peter. There isn’t room for Cocky at Peter’s place, and she has asked me if I will take care of her. So sooner or later, we’ll be adding another member to the family.

The funeral is on Thursday.