DPN’s of the damned…


Loving my new Knitpicks DPN’s.  Commiserated with Paisley Womble about her Terrible Incident&trade, but never thought that something like that could happen to me.

Until yesterday, driving to work with the Valentines Day sock on the passenger seat so I could get in a few stitches at the traffic lights, and I rounded a corner with a little too much enthusiasm. One needle went flying – and when I got to work, it couldn’t be found.

I drove around quite a bit yesterday, and could hear it slipping and sliding. Eventually, I located it in the map pocket of the passenger door. Wedged in the seam between the bit of plastic forming the pocket, and the bit of plastic lining the door. But it had slipped backwards, and there was a shiny half inch poking out cheekily.

I went to the chemist and bought needle point tweezers. No luck. I tried needle nosed pliers to no avail. I even found a heavy duty magnet and tried to coax the little sucker out if its hiding place, but no. It’s staying put.

As I see it, there are two options. Knit with one 2mm and four 2.25’s (after I see Sally one the weekend – I left the 2mm’s at hers last week). Or dismantle the work Magna.

Anyone have an owners manual?

And in Melon Shawl news, I have turned the corner. It looks like cat vomit (and I’ve seen far too much of that lately), but in blocking we trust.


6 thoughts on “DPN’s of the damned…”

  1. oh no! Have you managed to free it yet? Magnets won’t work (the dpns aren’t magnetic – we discovered that when trying to rescue mine from under the deck). I’ve got my 5th dpn back now after a crawl under the house. Phew!


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