Ks baby was born!

Throughout this journey I have been communicating with a PPROM mum in the US who was about a week ahead of me in gestation, and a week behind me in rupture – she ruptured at about 14 weeks (15 weeks for us), and all through her pregnancy she was given the same dire predictions as we have had. All along she has been advised to terminate, and had to fight to get decent care for her and her baby. She has not had enough amniotic fluid to measure in any of her scans, and all along she remained positive and upbeat, and has been an amazing role model for others of us on this rough ride.

And this morning I woke up to the news that she has had her baby, and he is doing well. Hes probably in NICU, and will be for a while, but the fact that he is able to breathe at all, with no measurable fluid for the critical weeks of lung development is such an inspiration to me.

Yay K!

Still here!

27 weeks today, and no real news to report. Im having my blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and temperature taken three times a day, pulse and temp another two times, pads checked, blood tests twice a week, urine checked once a week, and ultrasounds every two weeks. Babys heartbeat is checked every day, and I have to count kicks until I count 10 each day.

Apart from that (and a strange fascination with my bowel movements), everything is pretty quiet, and I am having enough visitors to help the days pass and make me feel quite loved.

Just a note in case you are considering a visit – visiting hours (for my ward) are 8am to 8pm, but from about midday to 3pm it can be very difficult to get a park in the hospital car park, so if you can, plan your trip to aid that time. The car park costs $8, and it only takes coins, which you have to pay on the way in (no credit cards, and nowhere to park while you check under the seat for spare change).

And I am in Westmead Hospital (not Royal North Shore). Take the Westmead Hospital exit from the M4 and follow the signs, or take the train to Westmead Station and walk about 500m to the hospital.

And today marks 3 months of captivity. Twelve whole weeks since I ruptured my membranes, 92 days of bed rest, and over 8 weeks since we last had any terrible news 🙂

Day 4, adjusting to captivity

Yesterday, my lovely nurse brought me a new bed – an electric jobbie with a remote control, and a slightly better mattress, and last night I slept enough for the first time. They did evening obs early, and morning obs late, so I was able to get a full 8 hours sleep, and wake up before the banging and yelling started. Bliss.

I am about to have my last blood sugar test, which will hopefully clear me of gestational diabetes, and I can relax and eat a normal diet again. Well, as normal as it can be on hospital food.

Mark brought Inigo in last night for a movie night, we all had dinner together and then Inigo snuggled up with me and we all watched Shrek. It was bliss to have such a long cuddle with my boy, and to spend such a long time with both my boys.

I am not expecting any visitors today (apart from my boys), so I think Ill get started on my Percy Shawl (have a look on M-Hs blog for the beautiful one Sandra knit) – Ive been saving it up for a rainy day 🙂


After my first 24 hours in hospital, Im exhausted. But in a good way.

I have seen the two resident doctors, and my specialist. Apparently they arent going to start CTG (monitoring the babys heartbeat) until 28 weeks, and they arent intending to give me steroids. Which all makes me wonder about what the hell I am doing here, costing the public health system about $1000 a day. But who am I to ask?

I have seen the head of the perinatal support team, and the social worker. I have seen the pharmacist, and am starting to get to know my team of nurses. I have become aware of the fact that the helipad is just above my room, which becomes patently obvious when they deep off a sick person, which has happened (very loudly) about three times today.

I’ve had a growth scan, which showed that the fetoid is above the 97th percentile for weight, and on the 97th percentile for head circumference. Looks like we are keeping that in the family 🙂

The scan gave me a bit of a rush, I was all excited that growth was going well (inter uterine growth retardation is often a problem with pprom babies), so I was bummed when my doctor came in to say she suspects I have gestational diabetes (which I have posted about before, but am too lazy to link here), and that I have to do a 24 hour sugar test, with finger pricks before and after every meal for 24 hours. And those mothers HURT. I say that as someone who used to be needle phobic, but got over it with regular blood donations, and having a blood test a week for the past few months has killed off any remaining nerves around the veins in my left arm…

The food is, unsurprisingly, execrable.


Exhibit A, Tomato omlette with green beans, pasta, and cabbage. Yes, boiled cabbage.

I have a lovely view of the car park (if you’re coming to visit call ahead and I can tell you if there are any spots), and I have unpacked my clothes, brought in flowers, put up pictures, and installed my essential electronics and an extension board to power them all.



And Id love more visitors! Not all at once, but if I am here for as long as I hope I will be, I will need visitors over a very long period, so dont all rush at once! I am in the Womens Health Ward, level 4, Bed 10.

And a note to anyone that has had trouble commenting – you may get an error message, but your comments still seem to get through, just ignore it. Tech support has more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. Like the fact that Squishy wants to call his brother Cowbell.

And yes. I do know the difference between median and average. To suggest otherwise is just plain mean 😉

The Governator has a heart

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a legal motion to allow same-sex marriages to return in California.

And in news closer to home, Im now almost 25 weeks, baby is still going strong, Im still (relatively) sane, and I am expecting visitors this afternoon. I am going to enjoy my last week of freedom!

And yesterday was magical. Dad spent the afternoon at my place with Inigo, and we had a lovely time together. I dont get to see him much at the moment, but I was reminded yesterday just how gorgeous he is. I have some pictures, but they are still on the camera. I might be able to get Mark to transfer them for me on the weekend so I can print some pics to take to hospital with me.