Some idiot (that would be me) started using a news aggregator (NetNewsWire Lite), and didn’t keep a backup list of all the blogs I read.

Considering that lots of the blogs I read are recommendations from other blogs, or blogs belonging to people that comment on my blog, this list is not only a very groovy and precious part of my life, it’s irreplaceable.

And apparently, Rhubarb (the laptop) had a wee brain fart, and lost all my feeds.

So as well as asking everyone to make an intelligent vote in the senate (and if you live in NSW, vote for Kerry, she rocks!), I am also asking you to send me your favourite blogs – knitting and non knitting!

Thanks Andrea!

Still haven’t sorted out the camera thing. Mark has hidden the little point and shoot camera, my good camera is still AWOL, and my old camera uses a card that I don’t have a card reader for (well, I can’t find the damn thing since the move). So please forgive the dodgy webcam shots.

Picture #1 is of the organic merino soaker kit I ordered from ecoyarns thanks to a generous gift voucher from Andrea, and picture #2 is the adorable bunny hat she knitted for Inigo/Ampersand/The Passenger. Who I was convinced had turned in the night, until I got kicks and punches on both sides of my belly about half an hour ago. Life remains interesting.

The supervising midwife made a comment that she didn’t think that having a totally passive baby would agree with me. I was thinking that a totally passive baby would be a godsend, but now that Alex is getting more and more charming by the day, I am starting to see her point. I have amended my order for a passive baby to a healthy and happy baby that sleeps enough to prevent insanity in the maternal unit.

I have always said that the secret to happiness is low expectations…

A Wonderful Start to the Election Campaign

Thank goodness for the federal election campaign – always something new to keep me entertained in the lead up to labour day (if I get that far, the recalcitrant one is still refusing to perform to other peoples expectations).

Thanks to The Other Andrew for this link to an article about the member of a prospective member for Reid (our new electorate).

Which reminds me – I must update my resume to add EX UNION BOSS to my list of job experiences. I was the shop delegate for the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Union (the SDA) when I was 17 and in high school. But Ex Union Boss sounds so much more impressive.

In Inigo news, we’re scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow week, and then for a “chat” with the hospital obstetrician afterwards. If the passenger still hasn’t “assumed the position”, I get to find out what my options are. Apparently he is currently a “footling transverse oblique” lie. I am still relatively comfortable, and am taking advantage by throwing a dinner party tonight for the parents and parents in law. It’s quite likely to be my last dinner party for quite some time, so I am planning a 3-4 course extravaganza. And tomorrow, the built in wardrobe should be installed!

All in all, preparations for the big arrival are on schedule – and once the wardrobe is done, all I have to do is pack a hospital bag. Perhaps I should do that sooner rather than later – if I go into labour now, I have to race to the nearest hospital (because of Inigo’s position). So having my bag packed is probably a good idea!

Stay tuned for the continued adventures of Daisy, the long suffering feline…

Melbourne Knitters?

The following is a message from a Melbourne artist, looking for knitters to collaborate of a really cool sounding project. She is particularly interested in working with queer Melbourne people – but I think she would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the project (even a breeder from Sydney 😉 ).

I found you through Bex blog (Subversive Lesbian Anarchic Knitta). Hope you don’t mind me contacting you.
I am a Melbourne artist, and I’m creating an installation for an art exhibition for the 2008 Midsumma Festival (which is the equivalent of Mardi Gras in Sydney).

I’m looking for Melbourne based knitters who would like to collaborate on this project with me and my artist partner Justine Wallace.

In a nutshell, I am creating a satirical political installation that involves 50cm high models of world recognisable architectural structures, such as Big Ben, Empire State Building, Dubai Clock Tower, Taj Mahal, etc and I need clothing knitted for these structures, such as jumpers, beanies, scarves, ear muffs, etc. As I’m not a knitter, I’d love to work with queer folk that would like to create these gems.

Would you be able to help me source people (preferably in Melbourne) that may be interested in participating in this project.

Please email me if you can.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Danielle Karalus

Inigo the Recalcitrant

At my last ante natal appointment, they got out the little ultrasound machine to confirm his position – he’s lying back directly across my front, like he’s lying in a little hammock. He’s apparently very long, and because I am so tall, he has lots of room – which he isn’t using to turn around ready for exit.

This morning I woke up with a feeling that he had moved, and had kicks in different places – I think he had moved to be head down. But it didn’t last – as of about lunchtime, he was back in the hammock, and kicking in unmentionable places.

So now I’m on weekly appointments, and next week if he still hasn’t turned – we have to talk about him coming out the sunroof.

Josephine has gone home, and we’re putting the finishing touches on the nursery – apart from the changing table mat and the nappy service, we have pretty much everything ready for our new family member. So I’m going to try to get out and do a few things that I won’t be able to do when he arrives – like spinning class, movies, and visiting friends.

So if you’ve got some time to hang out during the next few weeks, give me a call!