Good Behaviour!

Home now.

I made a plea of guilty, and the judge found the conviction “proven but not recorded”, and gave me a good behaviour bond for 2 years.

David Reidy questions whether I can behave myself for that long, but I am pretty confident 😉

Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes, this is a HUGE relief!

PS. Yes, I do get to keep my licence. Thanks for all the happy comments, and I think Sally’s idea of a bad behaviour party in 2009 is a winner!

How to rescue a crap day?

So, Monday is court day, and I spent today finding a lawyer.  Looks like I’ll probably lose my licence for 12 months.  There is a chance I can escape a conviction – but I can’t afford to bank on it.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster, and I left the last solicitors office in tears today. 

As well as the isolation of being without a car (and with a small child – the concept of which is completely doing my head in), there is also the risk that a criminal conviction could jeopardise my accreditation as a celebrant. 

I also managed to lose my phone (and assume it was stolen), which added a certain something to the day.

So a big thank you to Justine, who  timed the arrival of her gorgeous gift perfectly.

I will take pics soon, and also of the beautiful gifts from Emma, when I find the card reader for my old camera.  My beautiful new camera has been misplaced in the move, and I am trying desperately not to get hysterical about it.

So the big news (we’ve been pretty short on news here at Merrylands Manor), is that we have come pretty close to deciding on a name.

I    N    I    G    O

Of course, we may still get a better idea – or we might meet him and decide that he is definitely an Ernest, not an Inigo.  But I have done a subversive cross stitch of the name, and it’s looking good.

And in PARTY news.  We only have nine RSVP’s so far.  Surely I have more than 9 friends?