How to rescue a crap day?

So, Monday is court day, and I spent today finding a lawyer.  Looks like I’ll probably lose my licence for 12 months.  There is a chance I can escape a conviction – but I can’t afford to bank on it.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster, and I left the last solicitors office in tears today. 

As well as the isolation of being without a car (and with a small child – the concept of which is completely doing my head in), there is also the risk that a criminal conviction could jeopardise my accreditation as a celebrant. 

I also managed to lose my phone (and assume it was stolen), which added a certain something to the day.

So a big thank you to Justine, who  timed the arrival of her gorgeous gift perfectly.

I will take pics soon, and also of the beautiful gifts from Emma, when I find the card reader for my old camera.  My beautiful new camera has been misplaced in the move, and I am trying desperately not to get hysterical about it.

So the big news (we’ve been pretty short on news here at Merrylands Manor), is that we have come pretty close to deciding on a name.

I    N    I    G    O

Of course, we may still get a better idea – or we might meet him and decide that he is definitely an Ernest, not an Inigo.  But I have done a subversive cross stitch of the name, and it’s looking good.

And in PARTY news.  We only have nine RSVP’s so far.  Surely I have more than 9 friends?

12 thoughts on “How to rescue a crap day?”

  1. So sorry to hear. I’m going to email my friend who was in a similar predicament and see what happened there. I’ll email you later today about it. But I have a feeling she represented herself. But sending happy vibes your way!!


  2. Hope court goes well. Don’t worry one bit about not having a car … my parents never needed one, and I’ve never wanted one either;) Let me know if you want pram + public transport advice.
    P.S. possibly you’ve got a lot of mildly disorganised friends … um … like me?


  3. I am just too disorganised to have RSVPed yet. And I need to check with Adam to make sure we don’t have a wedding or something else to go to on that day, because we have 2 weddings coming up this month. But we will soon. Promise!

    The legal entanglements sound scary. Thinking positive thoughts for you.

    According to this site:

    “Inigo” is Portuguese for “Ardent”. Oooh, he is going to be a ladies man!


  4. Reply from free internet stand at Changi Airport. Of course David and I will be there – so you’ve got ll friends AT LEAST!! Arriving back in Sydney Friday a.m.


  5. I am coming.. so are Chris and Alex. sorry to hear about your legal ickiness… hope it all works out for you. I have no idea how these things work.. will catch up with you next week!


  6. Hello Gorgeous – its been too long!

    Inigo (as in Inigo Montoya – you killed my fadda, prepare to die?)I’m a fan!

    Just incase anyone else is concerned with that comment, tis in context. Lol

    Wish I could have been at your party – hope it was wonderful.

    Love to both you & Mark

    Bunny Kisses
    Erin & DDD (Drew,Desiah,Dukey)

    P.S Don’t have your email? Nor Marks? Love ya’s


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