The Big Question

Just saw the specialist…..

I have to make a choice about surgery. I can either

a) wait and see if it gets better (3-4 months)
b) have surgery and be back at work in 6 weeks ish

The surgery will probably be a spinal fusion, requiring a bone graft from my hip.

It’s a very serious decision, and I have till thursday week to make up my mind.

Still Stuffed

Ok, so it’s the third week, and I am still in pain. The nerve is being pinched by a slipped disk. Had an mri, what a trippy expereince that is !

Still can’t knit, but Dutt showed me how to d a granny square, and I have been able to do a few stitches at a time. Over 3 days I’ve been able to start a blanket 🙂


Snarl. Ouch. Whinge.

Today it’s been a week since my shoulder started causing grief. Had X-rays yesterday, and apparently my muscles are in spasm- you can see it on the x-ray, cool ! But today it seems I have not taken enough drugs, and I have been in pain pretty much all day. I’m not supposed to go back to work till next monday.

Sometimes I’d be glad for the time off, but at the moment, I’d rather be at work, and without pain. TIme off is no good unless you can play in the garden, or knit, or shop, or…..


Did a face plant on Easter monday. Skinned a knee, but was relatively unscathed. Until 2 days later, when I felt a pain in the neck. Took drugs, ignored it.

Then on Thursday, the pain was bringing tears to my eyes. Apparently I have dislocated the shoulder and mangled a nerve. And it could take weeks to heal. There isn’t enough codeine in the world.