Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting…

In which Plan C comes into effect, in full detail.  Don’t read on if you’re squeamish – this is my story, as much as I remember 24 hours later.

Wednesday, I had the cleaners come, I visited Miriam and Oscar, I visited Anna and Lara, and then I picked Mark up from work.  It was a pretty full day, and I was so focussed on encouraging Inigo to make his grand entrance, that I wasn’t exactly focussed on how he was doing.

By the time we got home, it was about 10pm, and I sat down with a big bowl of Bravo Lemon Lime Gelato (brand mentioned because it is the stuff of legend), hoping to kick start a bit of activity.  By the time I went to bed an hour or so later, I still hadn’t noticed much in the way of Inigo activity, and I started to get a little concerned.

The next morning, instead of sleeping through the coffee delivery (Mark is a wonderful husband), I woke up, sat up, drank the coffee, and waited for the espresso to pass through the placenta and excite some action.  Two hours and a spa later, I resolved to take myself off to hospital for a check.

I arrived at hospital just before 11am, and was hooked up to a CTG pretty quickly.  The machine found a heartbeat that was racing a bit, and we resolved to watch it for a while to see if it settled while the coffee wore off, and to watch for movement (which was minimal).

After an hour on the machine, the heartrate dipped a bit, which prompted the midwives to consult with a doctor, who decided that the trace was worrying enough that I wouldn’t be leaving hospital without a baby, either by induction or C-section.  I rang Mark, Mum, and the Doula, and told them all to be prepared.

The Doctor did an “internal”.  If you’ve had a baby, you know exactly how unpleasant this is, if you haven’t, I’ll spare you the details.  Suffice it to say that although it was unpleasant for me, Inigo found it really distressing, and his heartrate dipped alarmingly.

The Doctor found that my bits weren’t anywhere near ready for labour, so a C-section was decided upon, a consent form was called for, and things went very Monty Python for a little while.

My blood pressure had dropped, so I was feeling a little woozy, they turned me on my side to relieve the pressure, and both of us started to feel better.

The senior midwife returned, had a chat to the scalpel happy doctor, and convinced her that the surgery could wait at least until Mark arrived!

I handed my mobile to the lovely Leilani (one of the student midwives that has been looking after me) to follow up support people (and mainly to find Mark), as they wheeled me off to an ancient operating theatre.  No complaints about the hospital at all, and the staff have all been beyond compare – but wheeling a frightened woman into an operating theatre that looks like a morgue, and then insisting on sticking needles in her spine before her husband shows up is a little bit mean.  I understand that they were doing their best for me and my baby, but at the time I was a very small scared little person.

Just before the second needle went in, Leilani managed to let me know that Mark was just outside, and would be allowed in as soon as the anaesthetist was done with me.  Soon he was by my side (in a very silly outfit, and I couldn’t feel my toes.  They put up a sheet so I couldn’t see all the action, and I asked them politely only to give me the barest detail about what was going on.

My blood pressure dropped again, and I began to feel nauseous.  I was given something to raise my blood pressure, which helped for a little while.  Soon my blood pressure dropped again, and I was throwing up violently as I felt Inigo being lifted from my open abdomen, and heard him cry for the first time.  2:18pm, 29/11/07

At which point I became aware that there was an “issue”.  Turns out there were a few issues, and one of them has potentially nasty consequences.  We’ll going to be ok, but it’s been a hard day for our new family.

Inigo had always been a pretty active little guy, hence all our worries about turning him.  And that’s why I was suspicious that he was so quiet on wednesday.  It turns out that his placenta had started to deteriorate, the amniotic fluid had also diminished, and that he’d done a poo into it at some point.  And then his breathing reflex had kicked in before he was out in the world, and he’d inhaled some poo into his lungs.

This happens quite a bit, and the consequences range from a few days on oxygen, to total loss of lung function, and death.  Inigo breathed on his own straight away, so it was pretty likely that his issues were going to be on the more minor side – but we had to wait and see.

I was allowed to see him for about a minute before he was taken off to the special care ward.  Mark went with him, and I was stitched up and wheeled into recovery.  Again the lovely Leilani was there with me, and managed to talk them into letting mum come down to the recovery ward so I didn’t have to be alone.  Which was wonderful, because they kept me there for ages while I waited for the spinal block to wear off enough so that I could feel my toes again.

Finally I was wheeled upstairs and allowed to see Inigo.  He was naked under a heat lamp, with a space helmet over his head delivering oxygen.  He had electrodes and a cannula, and SP02 monitor taped on to him, and he looked like a little alien space man.  And because I was all wired up too, all I could do was hold his little hand and stroke his skinny little rib cage.


I stayed with him for a few hours.  I couldn’t hold him, I couldn’t feed him, I couldn’t even give him a kiss, or change his nappy.  But I did start to feel a bit connected to him, and I have certainly seen lots of uglier babies than this one.

Eventually, I made it to my room at about 7pm.  I still couldn’t really feel my toes, but the pain of the surgery was starting to break through, and the weight of the days events was starting to hit home.

My parents were there, Marks parents were there, so I decided to postpone my meltdown for a little while.  Christine came for a visit, Mum and Dad left, Bev and Ted left and came back with food (thanks!).  Everyone left at around 11pm, and I tried to sleep.

Finally gave up at around 6am when the drugs ran out, and I’ve spent today arguing for more drugs, between visits to the special care nursery, and nursing my wounds.  I have expressed a little milk, which has been given to Inigo via syringe.  I won’t be allowed to feed him until he is off the oxygen, which might be Monday.  Or it might not. 

So apparently my “maternal instincts” are developed enough to have got him through what could have been nasty if I hadn’t acted.  It’s a good feeling.  While the outcome hasn’t been wonderful, it’s a lot better than the alternative, and it does look like we’ll be able to take the little guy home sooner or later.

In the meantime, we were able to convince the special care nurses to let me hold him for a few minutes tonight.  We had a little skin to skin contact, and being able to hold him for the first time brought such a rush of emotion that I can’t possibly write about it without losing the plot completely.

Tonight, I have managed to convince them to give me a sleeping pill, so I am looking forward to not being a raving lunatic tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your text messages, comments, emails, flowers, phone calls and esoteric vibes.  Everything is appreciated, and I look forward to us both being healthy enough to introduce him to you all.

One more day of nothing


Except a clean house – that is worth getting excited about!

Our last cleaners sacked us (apparently some people think that having rabbits in the house means too much fur!), so we went back to the old cleaners we had in Denistone. My parents thought they were a bit ineffectual, but I always thought they did a good job of the bathroom and kitchen (they even cleaned the microwave!), and they were cheap! And after the last lot of cleaners wouldn’t shut up, I began to see that Eric and Peter’s lack of English wasn’t such a handicap after all. Plus, I knew I could trust them in the house without me there, so as soon as they arrived today I gave them money and went out – and came home to a gloriously clean house. People, it’s safe to visit us again!

I stopped in Granville at El Jannah and El Sweetie to get supplies for Miriam. She’s still in hospital, and the vegetarian food selection is getting more and more dire. The woman has been through an ordeal, and now has to breastfeed a small person who lost a bit of weight before he was born, so I thought it was reasonable to get her some tasty and nutritious food.
So she doesn’t have to eat that…

So we finally have a decent picture of Oscar, and I got to cuddle him today for the first time. He seems to think I’m not too bad.

I wish he’d tell Inigo that the world isn’t such a bad place, that it’s OK to come out…

Welcome Oscar George Lane!

Born sometime today, 3.2kg, Miriam and Oscar both doing well. No other details available at this point. I am absolutely dying to see a picture at least, but I respect their desire for some time without visitors. I am sure I’ll get to spend plenty of quality time with all the Lanes in the not too distant future.

I’ve been having contractions all day, some coinciding with actual pain, but nothing to get excited about. Went to pub knitting, and am glad I did – sitting around at home focussing on my belly would quickly drive me insane. Thinking that Inigo is considering making an appearance over the next couple of days, but he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry.

Saw Kerry today, and she looks happier and more relaxed than I have seen her in months. It looks like the final senate seat will go to the liberal candidate, and Kerry will be free to pursue other interests after the middle of the year. Like being an Auntie!

Am also close to making a decision about the camera. Harvey Norman has the Canon 400D body with 18-55mm, and 75-300mm lens for $1188. I played with Andrew’s 350D today, and it is a very nice camera. It also handles low light really well, and has a good, cheap portrait lens available. Of course, if I have an ugly baby, I won’t need such a good camera….

Three things I wanted today

But never thought I would get…

1. A Rudd win.

2. Howard to lose in Bennelong.
As at 1.10am, almost check

3. Kerry to get re-elected.
As at 1.10am, still possible, but likely to be unknown for some time to come.

So I’m pretty happy. It’s now safe for Inigo to be born, a new generation who has never known a Howard government.

And something I didn’t expect, but that made me deliriously happy – Charlotte contacted me. I was so happy, I cried. It’s been far too long.

Inigo is going to be born into a happy world 🙂


Yesterday I had my 40 week checkup. Inigo was head down again (he has been doing somersaults through the week, but I had decided not to let it stress me), but is no longer “engaged”. They are happy for me to keep pottering along until next friday, when I will have another checkup, and then see the Drs clinic to talk about possible induction. Not sure how long I will get before they induce, but the fact that we don’t even talk about it till 41 weeks is encouraging. I’ve done some reading about induction, and my feeling is that going into spontaneous labour sounds like much more fun. Well, not exactly fun, but you get the idea.

After seeing the midwives, I went into town to hang out with Miriam, who was 4 days overdue yesterday. I took her to an acupuncture appointment (with the hope of bringing on labour), and then we had pedicures. So at least when we can see our toes again, they will be pretty (and hopefully not puffy). Miriam is booked in to the birth centre at RPA, and will be induced on monday or tuesday if she doesn’t go into labour over the weekend. So any spare “go into labour vibes” would be handy for her this weekend. Either way, looks like we’ll get to meet Oscar sooner rather than later (and I’ll win the race for last).

And on Monday, there is a new Kylie Minogue album out. Woo Hoo!

Today is election day, and hopefully the end of the Howard Years. Remember to vote Green in the Senate, and we might just wrest the balance of power from the coalition – so that the Labour party can actually pass legislation if they get in.

I’m off to do a bit of housework, then drag my bloated carcass off to a polling both to try to get the voters of Berowra to vote Green in the Senate. It’s Phillip Ruddock’s electorate (and one of the safest Liberal seats in the country, but I will do what I can…

Thanks Tina!

A little while ago, I started reading TheoreticGal’s blog.  Tina is a knitter, but she also sews, and talks about nerdy stuff like sci fi, and she is just generally very clever, educated, witty, and stylish. 

I left a few comments on her blog, and she commented on my blog, and we started a correspondence.  Except – Tina puts me to shame.  For every word I write to her, I get a paragraph back – always thoughtful, always considered, always interesting and helpful.  Tina already has one child, and another on the way – and she’s been helping me to adjust my expectations of parenting, and especially of parenting a BOY child.  We’ve mourned a lack of girlyness in our lives, and bonded over a common love of Torchwood. 

She offered to send me an episode that I missed, so I sent her my address, and today, the DVD arrived.

And with it, the most amazing package of baby stuff!  Please refer to her blog for better pictures (you don’t want to hear the camera whinge again, I know), but here are the most adorable modern cloth nappies that she made me.  The one on the left is cotton jersey with (cool) trucks and cars, and the one on the right is cotton towelling.  Both come with matching boosters, and I am totally in love.  These are coming with me to the hospital so that Inigo can come home in one of them.


And if that wasn’t amazing enough, she also included this gorgeous set of 2 x washcloths, muslin wrap, and burp cloth, all very beautifully edged in Amy Butler fabric!  I am no quilter, but even I know that Amy Butler is special!


Tina, I am overwhelmed by your generosity, I have no idea how to thank you enough!