5 thoughts on “The eviction notice has been served”

  1. Good luck my lovely….

    Hamish took 10 days to get the hint. The thing that finally did it was standing on a cliff in a storm WILLING him to enjoy the sensory experience of life outside the womb.

    Well, either that or he just couldn’t fit in there anymore!!

    Thinking of you xxxxxxxxx


  2. nothing worked for us – curry, gin, chilli, sex, hot bath, rest, excercise …. and the list went on…. he will come out when he is good and ready – it does not matter that you have been ready for about 10 days now…. bloddy stubborn buggers I swear


  3. my Mum says that you shouldn’t cross anything – legs, fingers anything, and that nothing in the house should be crossed – yep hard to believe that she is an intelligent professional woman…

    all the best – just know that within a couple of days the waiting will be over
    love and hugs from all of us here x x x


  4. Ahhh – sex, pineapples, acupuncture, homeopathy, nipple stimulation, a good walk, walking along a curb one foot up one foot down, etc etc etc. You can try them all. Go on! I did. All of them. And we were still there at the end of the day.
    He’ll come out when he’s ready. But my lord I know exactly how long and hard that wait is 🙂


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