One more day of nothing


Except a clean house – that is worth getting excited about!

Our last cleaners sacked us (apparently some people think that having rabbits in the house means too much fur!), so we went back to the old cleaners we had in Denistone. My parents thought they were a bit ineffectual, but I always thought they did a good job of the bathroom and kitchen (they even cleaned the microwave!), and they were cheap! And after the last lot of cleaners wouldn’t shut up, I began to see that Eric and Peter’s lack of English wasn’t such a handicap after all. Plus, I knew I could trust them in the house without me there, so as soon as they arrived today I gave them money and went out – and came home to a gloriously clean house. People, it’s safe to visit us again!

I stopped in Granville at El Jannah and El Sweetie to get supplies for Miriam. She’s still in hospital, and the vegetarian food selection is getting more and more dire. The woman has been through an ordeal, and now has to breastfeed a small person who lost a bit of weight before he was born, so I thought it was reasonable to get her some tasty and nutritious food.
So she doesn’t have to eat that…

So we finally have a decent picture of Oscar, and I got to cuddle him today for the first time. He seems to think I’m not too bad.

I wish he’d tell Inigo that the world isn’t such a bad place, that it’s OK to come out…

9 thoughts on “One more day of nothing”

  1. Oscar’s a cutie.

    Urghh hospital food is always bad enough but the special diet stuff is always worse. The allergen-free stuff is the same dire selection. Luckily last pregnancy, my mum worked in the hospital kitchen for a time and they would make me “special” meals. Since my maternity hospital this time, is very close to the infamous Lygon St strip in Melb I’ll be sending my boys off to get real food πŸ™‚

    C’mon Inigo stop being a diva there’s a point at which fashionably late turns into annoying πŸ˜‰


  2. What is that?? Lebanese bread and a bit of cheese? That’s a “I haven’t been shopping all week and I’m desperate” snack, not a meal.

    When I was in hospital in the US for glandular fever, I got a nice veggie pasta napolitana (well, after I no longer had to be on the liquid diet, but let’s not go there). Sheesh.


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