Inigo George Nettle

born 2:18pm, 29/11/07 by emergency c/s
3.09 kg

Inigo George Nettle

He’s on oxygen and a drip, but will be ok.
Mum’s recovering from the surgery, and Dad’s recovering from the shock – though apparently that doesn’t wear off for at least 18 years.

edit: apologies for the delay in approving comments. We’ve been a little bit busy 🙂

24 thoughts on “Inigo George Nettle”

  1. He is so Sweet and looks so calm and centred. I hope he stays that way :-).

    Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world Master Inigo George Nettle.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful! I put it on my blog within an hour or so, so the news hit the streets fairly quickly yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you all. He looks really grown-up, alert and so beautiful.


  3. Oh happy day! He’s so beautiful. Hope you’re feeling ok, an emergency ceasar – doesn’t sound good, but the joy the joy. well done mum (I cry a little now).


  4. He is lovely. Welcome to the world, little Inigo. I believe there’s some people here who are dying for the chance to provide your winter woolens.


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