How to ADHD Tedx Talk

Please, please, please watch this if you can. Even if you’re not a teacher, don’t have a loved one with diagnosed ADHD, or work with someone with it, you can still learn a lot about how an ADHD brain works.

And understanding makes such a difference. Next time you wonder “what is wrong with you”, about someone (or even yourself) consider that brain differences are a possibility. So many more people have ADHD than are diagnosed with it.

If you are smart, or female, or just inattentive (with no hyperactivity), or all three of these things, you’ll be much less likely to be diagnosed. But the impact on your life will still be profound.

We apologise for the interruption of service…

But finally, after a few years of not being able to do much with the blog, we seem to be back in business.  Thanks very much to Mark for keeping everything going for the last decade or so, and switching me back to wordpress so that I can get blogging again.

And to Mary, for popping over for dinner last night, and helping me to upload pictures.  We now (appear to at least) have the blog back under control.

Next, make it less ugly.  Or more ugly, depending on your perspective 😉