Life has been…. Interesting

And I’ve been slack with the blog. Sorry.

I took time off work from Christmas Eve till Jan 9th, and spent a fair whack of that time up at Pearl Beach. For those of you that don’t know it, Pearl Beach is a tiny little place on the NSW Central Coast, about an hour and a bit from home. It’s earned a reputation for being very pricey, and rather exclusive – only the rich can afford to buy a house there, or even rent a holiday house. Except me 🙂

My grandfather, George, bought a place in the early 80’s – I think he paid less than $40k for it, and even though the house is crappy, it’s now worth about a million dollars. Just because it’s in Pearl Beach.

George died just over a year ago, and left the house to my mum and her brother and sister, so we can all use it as a holiday house. Great, but my uncle and aunt want to sell. Not great. So while this is all being decided, I want to spend as much time as possible up there.

While we were there we; relaxed on the beach, woke up to possums eating fruitcake on the kitchen bench, had a brush turkey steal Mark’s Clapotis, ate the worlds worst hollondaisse sauce (veg eggs benedict at the local cafe – bleugh), had a picnic on the beach for New Years Eve, and prepared for evacuation on New Years Day.

Happy Fucking New Year.

Anyway – the house didn’t burn down, I’ll count that as a win. We spent most of the day in a state of extreme stress, in extreme heat, but we are safe, and the house is safe. It wasn’t the ideal start to 2006, but I am determined to see it in a positive light.