Knitting for Babies

My world seems to be filling up with babies. First Barry and Cath. my cousin Katie, and now Richard’s sister is pregnant with triplets. Eeek ! That is a LOT of feet !

I’ve been experimenting with some simple bootie patterns, and have competed the knitting on the firts pair, and I hope to get them sewn up this afternoon. Based on a simle rectangle, I can finish a pair in about 8 hours knitting, and they look really cute – like little wooden blocks. I have seen the books that claim to have simple patterns for babies, but hell – it’s not like a baby needs coture finishing or lace bobbles. Babies fit very well into the Lara Theory of Fashion – Make one thing garish enough, and they won’t notice the rest of your outfit.

Grasshopper Comes of Age

Chops is over a year old now, and almost a grown up Hare. He’s had his nuts of, and is fighting fit. Just ask Custard 🙂

Rhubarb seems to like to hang out with him, but Custard isn’t keen on having the interloper as part of his warren untill he learns proper rabbit grooming etiquette. Fat chance of that.

So anyway, here is a picture of his wild and exquisite handsomeness.