My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today

Steph let me know that Carrot Vizzini Tiberius Rex Nettle-Da Silva didn’t wake from his sleep this morning.

We adopted him knowing that he was “older” and we were lucky to have had so many years with him. We were also lucky that his final year was spent very much dictating his own terms, as lord high ruler of the lounge room at Steph’s place since we moved to New Zealand.

Goodbye to the world’s most handsome bunny. We will always love you.

The first day we met

My bunny and my bunny boy

The most luxuriant tail in the world.

Pics from the last few weeks

Banana smiles at Pearl Beach

Happy to see his birthday trampoline


Paining at playgroup


Trying on Bonnies goblin mask


Hot and happy

Feeding the giraffes – a bit scared

Of this!

A wallaby taking a dip


Koala hanging about

Just having fun!

There were emus

And a bunny

A very friendly echidna

A pretty parrot

Another meerkat on watch

Happy to be allowed an icy pole

The lemurs and the lemur keeper

On safari


Ducks and ducklings


A dip to cool down

Ricotta hotcakes for breakfast


We dipped our toes into the Macquarie River

We saw the hippo, and we saw him take a long underwater stroll

Inigo and Ursula got glittered in a mall – just because I spoke bad Italian, and the make up woman was Italian, and very sweet

And my adorable husband is starting to look like Huggy Bear, the pimp from Starsky and Hutch.

Name the bunny – Update

Inigo seems to have forgotten his insistence on Carrot, Mark favours Tiberius, and I am torn between the neat humour and dignity of Vizzini (and the images of him dressed in a satin cape), and the latin throwback “Tiberius Rex” (because he is a Rex bunny).

I knew a Rudy bunny, so I can’t go there, Peter/Mr MacGregor are both references to a story about people who eat rabbits, and I can’t go there, and Velveteen, though it is a beautiful story, always makes me sad.

So that leaves me with Vizzini Dorian Westley Walter Carrot FrostyChops Tiberius Rex Nettle, but that is rather a mouthful.

And now for his story.

He was found in a backyard guinea pig cage when the homeowners returned from holiday with his two lady friends. The three of them were taken to the local pound, and then to Porsche’s Small Animal Rescue, where I saw his profile soon after Custard died. Of course, I filled out an adoption application straight away, even before I read to the end of his description where it stated that he had to be adopted with his two wives. So I immediately emailed Porsche, explaining my allergies, and why I was looking for a single (wanted to bond with Jasper), Rex (easier on my allergies), boy (easier to bond with a girl bunny).

A few days later I got an email back. Isis, one of his girlfriends, had turned on the other two, and they had to be seperated. She found a home, leaving Titan and his other girlfriend. Then she had a stroke and died. Titan was all alone, and sad.

So now he’s here, living in our laundry in peace and quiet until we can bond him with Jasper. He’s had a really rough few weeks, and I am giving him lots of time, gentle pats and treats, so that he learns that he is loved, he is respected, and that this home is forever.

Goodbye Custard

We took Custard to the specialist today. He had deteriorated since yesterday, and the vet said that he would have a less than 50/50 chance of making it through surgery. He was in a lot of pain, so I had to make a decision on the spot to say goodbye.

Custard survived a lot in his lifetime. As a baby, I took him from a petshop with a nasty abscess. A vet said then that he probably wouldn’t live for more than six months, but he did. Later he had another abscess, which went all through his jaw and into his skull. Again, we didn’t have much hope that he would live for long. But he did, and he had great quality of life, especially in his last years, living with the adoration of his lady love Jasper.

He gave her his last kisses this morning, and 10:30 this morning, we said goodbye for the last time. The vet will do a necropsy, so that we know exactly what he was going through, and we will bury him at home on Thursday.

He would have been 10 on Valentines day.