Goodbye Custard

We took Custard to the specialist today. He had deteriorated since yesterday, and the vet said that he would have a less than 50/50 chance of making it through surgery. He was in a lot of pain, so I had to make a decision on the spot to say goodbye.

Custard survived a lot in his lifetime. As a baby, I took him from a petshop with a nasty abscess. A vet said then that he probably wouldn’t live for more than six months, but he did. Later he had another abscess, which went all through his jaw and into his skull. Again, we didn’t have much hope that he would live for long. But he did, and he had great quality of life, especially in his last years, living with the adoration of his lady love Jasper.

He gave her his last kisses this morning, and 10:30 this morning, we said goodbye for the last time. The vet will do a necropsy, so that we know exactly what he was going through, and we will bury him at home on Thursday.

He would have been 10 on Valentines day.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Custard”

  1. Swift and gentle journey little man . . .
    We shall miss you so much darling boy . . .
    Lots of hugs to you Lara, Mark and little Inigo
    X X X X


  2. Lara, I’m so sorry to read about Custard.

    But I’m really happy too, that despite the pet shop’s and vets’ expectations he had a very long and very happy life.

    Just shows what proper care can do.

    Hugs to you, I know you’ll be feeling sad just the same, and to Mark & Inigo & especially to Jasper.


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