Buck Up*

I have a new policy for the blog. Bad news has to give way to good. I won’t leave unhappy posts at the top of the blog (unless I am incapable for some reason).

So in that light, here is a post that I hesitated to put up yesterday because I thought it would bore most people senseless. So without further ado, here is a conversation with Inigo, in video.

*The title of this post comes from a text message, sent by a football player to a woman that he had sexually assaulted, the full text of which reads, “Buck up you sad bitch, nobody likes a whinger”.

5 thoughts on “Buck Up*”

  1. I was riveted.

    The Dude was referred to as Bubba-Lou as a baby and I made up a song which I still sing to him every night for bedtime.


  2. ahh, Lara, he is to cute when he is fully awake. I’m so glad you posted this video. It was lovely to see you. Thank you for all the lovely presents, we used the 5 little ducks book all the way to LA. (Miya even taught me the song) Big Kiss


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