The further adventures of a family possibly moving overseas next week


Yesterday. Still no flights booked. Passports were requested.
 Passports were not where I thought I left them.
 Mad panic ensues.
 Mad panic causes me to spill coffee into my laptop. No Easter miracle is likely.

Today. Last kids group at SIDS & Kids. Mixed feelings, sad to be leaving such a huge source of support, but I also acknowledge that their resources are probably more useful for others who are earlier on in their loss.
 Driving home, we see a tiny kitten on Woodville road. She’s been hit. Traffic is driving around her, but not stopping. She is on the white lines on the passenger side in front of my car, on a three lane road.
 No choice. Hazard lights on, I ask the truck beside me to stop. Scoop up the kitten, and pop her in the passenger footwell.
 We drove her to the nearest vet, and passed her to the vet nurse.
 Then sat in the car park and sobbed.
 And now we have flights booked. We leave in the afternoon of the 24th, arriving in Auckland around 8:30pm local time.
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The great, the sucky, and the terrifying

We have a home!
 I heard from the agent this afternoon, and the apartment we applied for is ours. We won’t be homeless in two weeks time.
 But we still don’t have flights booked, so still no idea when we are leaving.
 And we finally received an offer in writing. Which implies that we are moving permanently, with no allowance for shipping our possessions.
 Breathing in, breathing out….