So. Turning 40. Big party. Well, a party, anyway. Presents? I hope so! Not a lot, but 40 is a big deal for me.

Anyway, I thought I had a list, a list of stuff that I couldn’t justify buying for myself. And I’ve lost it.

So if you were turning 40, and you already had the gorgeous husband, kid and mixmaster (thanks mum!), what would you want?

I also already have a swift, a ball winder, blocking wires, knitpicks options, a terrific camera, and I only wear Crocs.


In case you’ve ever wondered…

…why MARRIAGE is so important to people who are currently denied it, please read this.

Civil unions, relationship “recognition”, or civil partnerships, whatever words you want to use (without actually using the word marriage) don’t stack up, because a two tiered system of rights is open to abuse. Granted, this horrific case was probably made worse by the fact that the gentlemen were elderly, and the younger one had some cognitive impairment. Surely the very people that our society needs to protect.

Kick Ass

Kris posted a movie review a couple of weeks ago, and Mark and I decided that Kick Ass was an appropriate film to watch to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Yup, we were married on 04.04.04, so we have now been married approximately one million years.

And we still have the same taste in films. Thanks Kris!

P.S. Finally got to see Sally today, and she is in surprisingly good form – even sitting up in a chair for the first time since the accident. I brought her some quality caffeine, and some boring knitting, and promised to come back and see her again soon. Apparently her break is not a clean and simple one, so she might be in hospital for a few more days. She is very grateful for all the flowers and well wishes, and messages. She has read all the comments on my blog, and she loves youse all.


My dear friend Sally rang me from hospital last night. She fell over in the city, and has broken her hip in two places. She’s had surgery today, but will be in hospital for some time.

If you’re also a friend of hers, she’d love a visit, and if you don’t know her so well, I’m sure she’d appreciate some good wishes comments on her blog.