50 things you should know about baby feeding

I got this link in my inbox the other day. I rolled my eyes, and prepared to be bombarded with misinformation, and clicked the link.

And was amazed. Finally, a mainstream parenting website “telling it like it is” about baby feeding.

Go, read. If you’re interested, of course 😉

Oh, and a PS. Yesterday was my first headache free day without medication. I still feel like crap, but touch wood, I’m on the mend. Thanks for all the well wishes!

Happy Easter!

The brain continues to explode, tomorrow will be day nine. That is more than a week, right? Anyway, I seem to have found a drug regime that works, and I am mostly functional.

And the cake? The work of a new found friend, who heard I was feeling poorly, and just dropped around with cake. I’m keeping her 🙂

Full Easter post, with pictures of our adventures to come.