50 things you should know about baby feeding

I got this link in my inbox the other day. I rolled my eyes, and prepared to be bombarded with misinformation, and clicked the link.

And was amazed. Finally, a mainstream parenting website “telling it like it is” about baby feeding.

Go, read. If you’re interested, of course 😉

Oh, and a PS. Yesterday was my first headache free day without medication. I still feel like crap, but touch wood, I’m on the mend. Thanks for all the well wishes!

8 thoughts on “50 things you should know about baby feeding”

  1. So glad you are getting better, what a rough time you have had! I am having struggles breastfeeding Stella again and trying hard not to feel despondent again. Sigh.


    1. Sarah, I am actually a real counsellor now, so if you want to chat about it, please call! I might not be able to help, but I can tell you how awesome you are for persevering 🙂


  2. A very interesting read. I shall pass it on to DD, who will not need convincing. Breastfeeding is now well established and GS#1 is gaining weight rapidly.


  3. I’m SO glad you’ve had a pain-free day. Lets hope it’s all behind you now.

    PS. I’ve given you some BLOGGY LOVE over on my blog. xoxoxo


  4. I’m so pleased you’re starting to feel betetr.

    And I like the website! Though I’m unconvinced by no 18 in industrialised countries…


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