My eyeballs hurt

Which is technically not possible, but my experience is telling me otherwise.

Since about 6pm yesterday I’ve been in a world of pain, and since Mark got home, in bed, on painkillers and a liquid diet.

Dr thinks it’s glandular fever, and wants me come back if I still feel horrible in a week. Brilliant. If I still feel like this in a week, then I think we know it’s glandular fever, and the last thing I’ll want to do is have a needle stuck in my arm to confirm that they can’t do anything to make me feel better.

The cure is rest, and Mark has taken today off work to help out, and Bev took Inigo for most of the day. But I don’t know how I am going to manage if this goes on for weeks!

Like Scary Movies?

Personally, I don’t. I was terrified out of my wits at Picnic at Hanging Rock, and I don’t really see that as an enjoyable entertainment.

So I won’t be taking up an offer that arrived in my inbox this morning – but you can!

Like all our pre-release screenings, the film is complimentary, but is invitation only and I will send the invitation in a separate email (to follow directly). You can also click on the link below to see the invitation and I urge you to watch the trailer – if it’s not your cup of tea (and I have to warn you – it is pretty scary), then that’s fine. If however you do decide to take the plunge and try a total different film experience, then you can secure your seats by clicking on the bottom of the invite. Please also feel free to forward the invitation onto anyone else you think may up for the experience!

I love weddings

Had one a month for the past two months, and another one coming up in November. I’m starting to feel like I am getting the hang of this celebranting malarkey, and relaxing into it a bit.

So I think it’s ok to mention that I believe in monogamy, and commitment, and the delicious hope and joy and romance that accompanies a wedding. And a proposal…

Bakerella, one of my fave baking blogs, has a post you won’t want to miss if you love a bit of schmaltz….

And while you’re there, make these. They’re divine!



Bev, my fabulous mother in law, just won a GOLD medal in the World Masters Games!

She’s been playing golf since she was quite young, and is a very good player, so this is no surprise, but it’s still a pretty wonderful achievement.

Congratulations Bev!

I am special after all!

I gave blood again on Tuesday (that’s 4 times in one year!), and was chatting with the nurse about the various tests they conduct on the blood prior to using it. She said that my I have to have a special test every time I give blood because I am not a carrier of the CMV virus, and about 95-97% of the population is. If you have had this virus, your blood cannot be given to newborn babies, and anyone who is not infected already, particularly pregnant women and transplant patients.

So every time I donate, they test to see whether or not I have been infected with CMV since my last donation, and if not, my blood can be given to sick neonates.

And to my ex-boyfriend who once told me not to be so precious – stuff you. I am precious.

Now, if you need a really cute story with a really cute picture to brighten your day, click here. Thanks to Andrew for the link 🙂