Thank you Cory Bernardi

For being such an absolute deadshit that even Tony Abbot had to distance himself from you. And Malcolm Turnbull rejected your rhetoric in very strong terms. The whole country is disgusted that you likened gay relationships to bestiality, and because of that disgust I have regained a little of my lost respect for my fellow Australians.

I have a lot to say about the “Muslim Riots”, but that will have to wait for another day. Suffice it to say for now that I am sad that we don’t yet have a parliament that is willing to do the right thing, but we have progressed, and we will no longer tolerate hate speech dressed up as opinion. That is progress.

As for Mr Abbott – you should have sacked him for being a deadshit, not for being “undisciplined”. In my opinion, you lot could do with a little less discipline, and a little more backbone.

On Fire!

Squish and I went to the Macquarie University open day yesterday. He volunteered to help the chemists doing the “Chemistry Magic Show”. I was cool with that until they set him on fire, that made both of us a little nervous.

The show was awesome though!

School Transition Program Two

On Friday, we went to the new school transition program run by the school. He went to an actual classroom, and met the woman who will most likely be his teacher next year, Mrs D. As we have chosen a small school, so far they only have enough enrollments for one kindy class, so chances are she will be his teacher. If there is a lot of enrollments between now and the first week of school there will also be a kindy/year one composite class.

He was a little nervous about being left in a new environment, and complained that he didn’t learn anything new yet, but so far, so good, and he’s looking forward to next week.

Today, I made history

I handed in an assignment almost two days early!

Stats is still kicking my arse, but the massive amount of work I am pitting in seems like it is reaping results. I actually understand most of the procedures, if not the way the lecturer speaks.

Unfortunately, we also have an exam on Thursday night, and I still don’t understand Eugene. It’s like he is deliberately obscure 😦

At least I now have a fighting chance!