I love this room


Found on Ohdedoh.
One day, I will have to post a picture of my baby blanket – rich purple and orange paisley, with a black, white, red, purple and yellow seersucker on the reverse. I think that explains a lot. My grandmother made it for me, and it was so lovely to see Inigo snuggled under it when he was sick last week, the thought that this garish textile is nurturing another generation warms my heart.

I love having a blog

I may not post often, but today, when our hot water failed to be hot, I had cause to ring the people that installed it – and they wanted to know when it was installed (certain parts only have a 1 year warranty). Of course, my paperwork didn’t have a date on it, so during a search of my computer, I found a blog post that was written on the day it was installed. The 30th of May, 2009. Gold!



So, my mate Miriam is having another baby (she is mama to Inigo’s best friend Oscar, they were born 4 days apart), and I want to knit her something special. Both of us wanted girls first time around, and now Miriam is expecting a much wanted girl. Often second babies get a little neglected in the special handknit items tally, so I gave Miriam a choice of two patterns, both a little special.

I am in love with this yarn, gorgeous colours, amazing drape, and really, really lovely to knit with. So I found this pattern, which uses an unusual cabled construction, and I think is adorable.

The other choice I offered was a cute little cardi with a dachshund on it – and the pattern is raising funds for a little dog to have her leg fixed.


Miriam has chosen the puppy cardi, and three colours of Bendigo Classic 12 ply – 744 Ginger (for the dog), 747 Lipstick Rose (for the body), and 704 Blueberry for the trim.

Can’t wait to finish the never ending Mr Greenjeans, and cast on 🙂

Last Call!

We’re leaving for my birthday weekend at the crack of sparrows tomorrow, if you’re planning on joining the festivities, please let me know soon. Most people are coming up on Saturday, as I have to travel back to Sydney for a job (another photographic shoot) on Sunday morning, so I won’t be back up North till lunchtime Sunday.

I have stocked up on homemade curry, sangria and Bollywood movies.