I love this room


Found on Ohdedoh.
One day, I will have to post a picture of my baby blanket – rich purple and orange paisley, with a black, white, red, purple and yellow seersucker on the reverse. I think that explains a lot. My grandmother made it for me, and it was so lovely to see Inigo snuggled under it when he was sick last week, the thought that this garish textile is nurturing another generation warms my heart.

5 thoughts on “I love this room”

  1. wow we love it here too. I wish I could pull something like that off for our nursery. Want to be our style consultant?


  2. Hmm – colours are a touch demure for your style… I think that with your taste and my inability in any way to practice restraint, I am sure we could create something that would cause peoples’ eyeballs to leap from their faces and run screaming to the nearest darkened corner.


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