Two and a Half


Inigo is two and a half. The adorable is exploding, he is loving, gentle, thoughtful, imaginative, playful, turbo charged, and just a tiny little bit feral. Sleep is still an alien concept, and hearing the word no is often more than his little heart can bear. And waiting? Waiting is UNBEARABLE (especially when waiting for a mango lassi).

He says please and thank you (usually in relation to food, it is still a huge motivator), he is starting to master a few more gross motor skills (Nanna bought him a pink scooter that gets a lot of love), and his fine motor skills and speech are very well developed.

His favourite part of playgroup is craft, where we do “sticking”, and sometimes colouring, drawing, stamping and painting. At home we have a “box of sticking”, and many hours have been spent on the creation of collage and mixed media pieces. He is starting to show an interest in my knitting, mainly to pull the needles out and roll around in the yarn, but it’s an interest at least.

He loves to sing, and has begun to compose his own performance pieces. “Dirty Banana, Dirty Banana, Dirty Banana, Dirty Banana. That was the Dirty Banana song”, is shouted proudly from the back seat.

He is an intrepid traveller, and takes in new experiences and cuisines with relish and equanimity. There are a few things he really doesn’t like, but will usually just warm to a new taste with repeat exposure and a lack of any alternative. Having a lazy mother who doesn’t pack vegemite sandwiches when we are going out to an Indian restaurant means that he has developed quite a taste for spicy, flavourful food, though his favourite thing ever is still a mango lassi. Ever since he was quite small, he has cried if we drive past his favourite Indian restaurant.

And recently, as you can see in the video, he has learned to jump. With both feet off the ground at the same time!

Warning – long video!

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