Oh, and one more thing…

I’m pregnant. Squishy is going to be a big brother – not until late Jan 2011, so it’s early days, but I am feeling so utterly vile I have decided to out myself, just so that I can reasonably explain it when I either pass out or puke on random strangers.

Roll on another eight months of nausea and feeling like a whale, but this time with a toddler/pre-schooler in tow.

19 thoughts on “Oh, and one more thing…”

  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news, hope you feel better soon, I remember how hard it was being sick and pregnant when Amy was the same age but it does get better! So exciting!


  2. Hey congrats!! At least you’ll have a toddler you can reason with. My sister just found out she’s pregnant and is due Sep. My nephew just turned one!!


  3. congrats! pregnancy wasn’t quite the glowing time i expected while i was expecting (where was my magic energetic second trimester!)

    Should i be keeping my fingers crossed for a vbac this time round?


  4. Congratulations! That’s so exciting! Hope it’s not too rough, sleep was the only thing that ever helped me, hope you can get some!


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