Last day of preschool

Again, thanks to the lovely Kate, we had to cut Inigo’s last day of preschool short to take him to the Doctor Who Symphony Spectacular. It was spectacularly awesome!

We also were sitting right beside Alex Kingston as she met a man (whose name escapes me now) who had worked on the original series in London back in the day – he had come to the show for one night only, and we were there for the meeting. I almost got a picture of Inigo with River Song, but I thought it was a bit rude to ask when she was about to go outside to sign autographs for the faithful to have her molested inside the house as well, but Inigo did give her a big smile and get a little pat.

And he just crawled into bed three hours after bedtime. Tomorrow will be tough!







Happy Birthday from Nanna


Our Saturday ikea trip was to pick up this rocking bookshelf that we have been waiting to buy since he got his bed three years ago! Nanna and Gonad bought it for his birthday present, Mark and I built it in Saturday night, relatively painlessly.

We are going to completely rearrange his bedroom, but in the meantime, he’s loving the new easy access to his books without even having to get out of bed. Kid heaven for a bookworm!

December Part One

To make up for a dearth of pictures recently, I am making up for lost time!

The long awaited birthday present arrives, and is heartily approved of.

Lunch is more exciting in a new lunchbox with tiny compartments!

It even comes with it’s own carry bag in school colours!

On the rivercat with mama.  Kate kindly arranged for us to see The Baby Proms Christmas show, so we went in to have brunch with Tina and Cadel who were in town briefly.  Amazingly, Kate was able to get them in to the show too, and an amazing time was had by all.  Inigo and Mr C. got on like a house on fire, which is lovely, since their mamas have been friends since we were both pregnant with them 🙂

On the rivercat with daddy.

Waiting at the stage door after charming security.

A pre show dance.

Meeting the cellist.

A running race of one.

Tina and Cadel sailed off into the sunset of the Sydney Ferry “Friendship”. Could not think of a better name.
Inigo’s preschool, the Jolly Frog in Westmead have Christmas carols every year. I wasn’t in the best mood, but it’s hard to be grumpy in a room full of kids singing jingle bells!
Formal Playgroup Graduation

The Graduate, Playgroup Edition

Our gorgeous graduate.

A future Feminist
After graduating from playgroup, Inigo plans to do postgraduate work in reading, maths, and socialising at Granville South Public School, where he has earned a place in kindergarten for 2013.

12.12.12 – last day of playgroup

I’m so powerfully sad about this ending. Playgroup has been such an amazing lifeline for for Inigo and I. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, we have had a safe place to connect with friends, to paint and play and craft. To get support, with parenting, and with the other crazy stuff that life throws at us.

Five years ago we moved to a new place that was completely foreign to me, I had no friends, no connections, and no idea how tough those early months of parenting would be. Amazingly, a friend told me about the SACC supported playgroup, and I haven’t looked back.

A huge thank you to Julie, who runs this group. It’s a tough, tough gig, some days like herding feral cats, and on others, completely heartbreaking.

I still have a lot to learn about being a stay at home mum living in the ‘burbs in an area with a low SES. But most of what I learned, I learned at playgroup.