12.12.12 – last day of playgroup

I’m so powerfully sad about this ending. Playgroup has been such an amazing lifeline for for Inigo and I. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, we have had a safe place to connect with friends, to paint and play and craft. To get support, with parenting, and with the other crazy stuff that life throws at us.

Five years ago we moved to a new place that was completely foreign to me, I had no friends, no connections, and no idea how tough those early months of parenting would be. Amazingly, a friend told me about the SACC supported playgroup, and I haven’t looked back.

A huge thank you to Julie, who runs this group. It’s a tough, tough gig, some days like herding feral cats, and on others, completely heartbreaking.

I still have a lot to learn about being a stay at home mum living in the ‘burbs in an area with a low SES. But most of what I learned, I learned at playgroup.

2 thoughts on “12.12.12 – last day of playgroup”

  1. I hear you Lara.

    I went to my last ever playgroup today.

    After a decade of it, or its equivalent for me (breastfeeding association, mothers group…)

    It is so hard to say goodbye to the people who have been such an important, regular part of our lives and supported us through such tough times.

    Go gently tomorrow,

    Susan xx


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