I am special after all!

I gave blood again on Tuesday (that’s 4 times in one year!), and was chatting with the nurse about the various tests they conduct on the blood prior to using it. She said that my I have to have a special test every time I give blood because I am not a carrier of the CMV virus, and about 95-97% of the population is. If you have had this virus, your blood cannot be given to newborn babies, and anyone who is not infected already, particularly pregnant women and transplant patients.

So every time I donate, they test to see whether or not I have been infected with CMV since my last donation, and if not, my blood can be given to sick neonates.

And to my ex-boyfriend who once told me not to be so precious – stuff you. I am precious.

Now, if you need a really cute story with a really cute picture to brighten your day, click here. Thanks to Andrew for the link 🙂

3 thoughts on “I am special after all!”

  1. Dare I admit that I have never even heard of the CMV virus? Though statistically I’m likely to be a carrier!

    It’s a cute story with an even cuter photo.


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