Kick Ass

Kris posted a movie review a couple of weeks ago, and Mark and I decided that Kick Ass was an appropriate film to watch to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Yup, we were married on 04.04.04, so we have now been married approximately one million years.

And we still have the same taste in films. Thanks Kris!

P.S. Finally got to see Sally today, and she is in surprisingly good form – even sitting up in a chair for the first time since the accident. I brought her some quality caffeine, and some boring knitting, and promised to come back and see her again soon. Apparently her break is not a clean and simple one, so she might be in hospital for a few more days. She is very grateful for all the flowers and well wishes, and messages. She has read all the comments on my blog, and she loves youse all.

4 thoughts on “Kick Ass”

  1. any idea when she will be home and whether she wants visitors? I cant make it into the hospy but i kno where she lives and can try to drop in during lunch one day


    1. As of yesterday, she will be in hospital until at least Wednesday. After that, possibly rehab for a while, more news as it comes to hand šŸ™‚


  2. So how was it? I really want to see it..the trailers looked awesome. :p DS is highly disappointed we aren’t letting him see it yet, lol.

    (17 years, here…is that almost 3 million? lol)


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