Welcome Oscar George Lane!

Born sometime today, 3.2kg, Miriam and Oscar both doing well. No other details available at this point. I am absolutely dying to see a picture at least, but I respect their desire for some time without visitors. I am sure I’ll get to spend plenty of quality time with all the Lanes in the not too distant future.

I’ve been having contractions all day, some coinciding with actual pain, but nothing to get excited about. Went to pub knitting, and am glad I did – sitting around at home focussing on my belly would quickly drive me insane. Thinking that Inigo is considering making an appearance over the next couple of days, but he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry.

Saw Kerry today, and she looks happier and more relaxed than I have seen her in months. It looks like the final senate seat will go to the liberal candidate, and Kerry will be free to pursue other interests after the middle of the year. Like being an Auntie!

Am also close to making a decision about the camera. Harvey Norman has the Canon 400D body with 18-55mm, and 75-300mm lens for $1188. I played with Andrew’s 350D today, and it is a very nice camera. It also handles low light really well, and has a good, cheap portrait lens available. Of course, if I have an ugly baby, I won’t need such a good camera….

4 thoughts on “Welcome Oscar George Lane!”

  1. Sorry to have missed the pub today. I was literally about to leave home when we got a distressed call from Adam’s mum & had to rush off to take her to hospital. 😦 I much rather would have been at the pub.


  2. That the camera body I got, really enjoying playing with it at the moment.
    Got a different lens but there’s so mnay options.
    take great pics. I am actually enjoying my camera again.
    great news on the baby fronts I am sure Inigo will join Oscar very soon.


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