Thanks Tina!

A little while ago, I started reading TheoreticGal’s blog.  Tina is a knitter, but she also sews, and talks about nerdy stuff like sci fi, and she is just generally very clever, educated, witty, and stylish. 

I left a few comments on her blog, and she commented on my blog, and we started a correspondence.  Except – Tina puts me to shame.  For every word I write to her, I get a paragraph back – always thoughtful, always considered, always interesting and helpful.  Tina already has one child, and another on the way – and she’s been helping me to adjust my expectations of parenting, and especially of parenting a BOY child.  We’ve mourned a lack of girlyness in our lives, and bonded over a common love of Torchwood. 

She offered to send me an episode that I missed, so I sent her my address, and today, the DVD arrived.

And with it, the most amazing package of baby stuff!  Please refer to her blog for better pictures (you don’t want to hear the camera whinge again, I know), but here are the most adorable modern cloth nappies that she made me.  The one on the left is cotton jersey with (cool) trucks and cars, and the one on the right is cotton towelling.  Both come with matching boosters, and I am totally in love.  These are coming with me to the hospital so that Inigo can come home in one of them.


And if that wasn’t amazing enough, she also included this gorgeous set of 2 x washcloths, muslin wrap, and burp cloth, all very beautifully edged in Amy Butler fabric!  I am no quilter, but even I know that Amy Butler is special!


Tina, I am overwhelmed by your generosity, I have no idea how to thank you enough!

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