A Wonderful Start to the Election Campaign

Thank goodness for the federal election campaign – always something new to keep me entertained in the lead up to labour day (if I get that far, the recalcitrant one is still refusing to perform to other peoples expectations).

Thanks to The Other Andrew for this link to an article about the member of a prospective member for Reid (our new electorate).

Which reminds me – I must update my resume to add EX UNION BOSS to my list of job experiences. I was the shop delegate for the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Union (the SDA) when I was 17 and in high school. But Ex Union Boss sounds so much more impressive.

In Inigo news, we’re scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow week, and then for a “chat” with the hospital obstetrician afterwards. If the passenger still hasn’t “assumed the position”, I get to find out what my options are. Apparently he is currently a “footling transverse oblique” lie. I am still relatively comfortable, and am taking advantage by throwing a dinner party tonight for the parents and parents in law. It’s quite likely to be my last dinner party for quite some time, so I am planning a 3-4 course extravaganza. And tomorrow, the built in wardrobe should be installed!

All in all, preparations for the big arrival are on schedule – and once the wardrobe is done, all I have to do is pack a hospital bag. Perhaps I should do that sooner rather than later – if I go into labour now, I have to race to the nearest hospital (because of Inigo’s position). So having my bag packed is probably a good idea!

Stay tuned for the continued adventures of Daisy, the long suffering feline…

One thought on “A Wonderful Start to the Election Campaign”

  1. Sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy of late…
    Re: Andrew Quah. I remember the name from the usyd union elections in 2006. He put himself forward as a liberal who is part of the communist party – or was it a communist who is a part of the liberal party. Either way, his political stance was very muddled.
    When the election results came through I received an email saying who got in and who didn’t, complete with party affiliations.
    His entry was “Andrew Quah (Crazy)”. Fortunately, it was in the “Not Elected” list.


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