Wednesday Deadline

You’d have to be dead not to realise that the election has been called, and we have until wednesday to make sure you are on the electoral roll.

There are a whole lot of reasons to vote, and no valid ones not to – so get thee to a polling booth on election day (if you’re not giving birth), and do your bit for democracy.

Don’t for get Wed is the deadline for enrolling to vote or changing your details.

The election will be held on November 24, but unless you act quickly you may find that you are ineligible to vote. You must enrol now to make sure you have your say about Australia’s future.

You have until 8pm Wednesday October 17 to fill out, sign and return your enrolment form to the Australian Electoral Commission.

If you are already enrolled but have moved house and changed addresses, you have until Tuesday October 23 to update your details.

The instructions below are a definitive guide to enrolling, so please forward them to your friends and family to make sure they can have their say this election.

Enrolling for the first time or updating your enrolment

1. Download your state’s form:

2. Fill it out. You will need to provide ID or find someone to vouch for you. The instructions are on the form.

3. Send in the form immediately.

How to send in your form

FAX: Enter your postcode and it will tell you your nearest Divisional Office, fax it there., or

SCAN AND EMAIL: Scanned and email the completed and signed forms as an attachment to, or

POST: Mail your form to your nearest Divisional Office of the AEC. Reply paid envelopes are provided at Australia Post shops/offices).

Checking your enrolment is still current

* Check you are enrolled at your current address by filling out your details in this form:

* If your name and address details are still current – you are enrolled. If not, you need to update by October 23, by following the instructions above.

The Australian Electoral Commission is in charge of looking after enrolments. If you require further information please telephone 13 23 26 or go to

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