Still here!

27 weeks today, and no real news to report. Im having my blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and temperature taken three times a day, pulse and temp another two times, pads checked, blood tests twice a week, urine checked once a week, and ultrasounds every two weeks. Babys heartbeat is checked every day, and I have to count kicks until I count 10 each day.

Apart from that (and a strange fascination with my bowel movements), everything is pretty quiet, and I am having enough visitors to help the days pass and make me feel quite loved.

Just a note in case you are considering a visit – visiting hours (for my ward) are 8am to 8pm, but from about midday to 3pm it can be very difficult to get a park in the hospital car park, so if you can, plan your trip to aid that time. The car park costs $8, and it only takes coins, which you have to pay on the way in (no credit cards, and nowhere to park while you check under the seat for spare change).

And I am in Westmead Hospital (not Royal North Shore). Take the Westmead Hospital exit from the M4 and follow the signs, or take the train to Westmead Station and walk about 500m to the hospital.

And today marks 3 months of captivity. Twelve whole weeks since I ruptured my membranes, 92 days of bed rest, and over 8 weeks since we last had any terrible news ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Still here!”

  1. lara, 27 weeks – brilliant! In my head thats 13 weeks to go so last trimester reached, yes?. Who knew?

    You are being so patient even though you have every right to want to just scream, and this is one lucky bubba to have you hanging in there all the way.

    Keep incubating – Im cheering on every single week for you. I mean, sorry to say it of course, but heres to 12 more weeks of captivity.


  2. 27 weeks. Such a milestone Lara and great to get some good news about your PPROM buddy. Thinking of you everyday. Hoping for something starting with a 3. Ive been to scared for you to say that so far as it seemed such a long way off but my my you are a great baker. Have they given you a target when you really will reach a better out than in situation? I dont really know how it works with PPROM but I was told at 19 weeks to put January 10 in my diary. Abi was delivered on Jan 11. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having a solid date to aim for (and what gestation that might be) helped me mentally prepare.


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