10 thoughts on “Wrong again”

  1. Whats the benefit of being hospitalised (as compared to the many weekly trips in)? Do you have a postal address at the hospital, please? ❤


  2. Lara. Thinking of you always. Hoping that bed at Westmead is comfy and you have to stay there for quite some weeks. Im sure, as tedious as being in hospital will be, that you are in the best hands to give you the best chance of the best outcome. Is that too many bests???



  3. Lara, wishing you all the very best for this next part of your journey with this bub.

    Cheering you on with every day reached, hoping for a nice, loooooong, and uncomplicated hospital stay for you and a nice, looooooong and smooth womb stay for bub.


  4. Best of luck Lara, dont forget if youre ever bored in the middle of the night…or early in the morning…..would love to chat!


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