Ikea Bargain Bin

It’s not a bargain. But it is a bin.

Mark bought all of our new bedroom furniture yesterday, but the TV cabinet we wanted for the bedroom was out of stock. They implied that it was never coming back into stock, but showed him one in the “Bargain Bin” section of the store. I am always suspicious of the bargain bin stuff, because it’s usually not marked down much, and the furniture is often beyond repair. So I was a little anxious when Mark told me he had bought the last one in the shop, pre assembled from the bargain bin. One of the doors needed a few screws tightened, and there was a slight mark on the front. And there was a small discount. Mark had to sign a delivery waiver – that the goods would be accepted in whatever condition, and there are no refunds.

The delivery came this morning, and the cabinet is badly damaged. One door was been ripped off the cabinet, with hinges still attached, and the particle board is so damaged that we won’t ever be able to get the door to stay on, unless we re machine the door to move the hinges. Which will probably cost as much as the damned cabinet. The other door is split through – eventually it’s going to fall off too.

The only solution I can see, is to either make a curtain to hide the TV (which will look pretty stupid when all of the rest of the furniture has sleek, clean lines), or buy new doors and new hinges, and hope that we can find enough undamaged wood to screw them into.

Or drop another $400 on another cabinet, that probably won’t match the rest of the furniture.

No pictures, too depressed.

6 thoughts on “Ikea Bargain Bin”

  1. When I started reading, I was thinking ‘I wish we had IKEA here’. Now I am not so sure. Give it a couple of days. Something may come to you. (Did you go ballistic???)


  2. Oh, gee I’m sorry to hear that it turned out badly. My sister bought a shelving unit from the bargain bin section once – it was about $100 off from a new one. But they disassembled it there at the shop and brought it home themselves though. Can you just replace (with new particle board) the damaged bits?


  3. thats not good news…I have just bought a bookcase from the bargain bin from ikea – hopefully we wont have the same problem you have – the little man assured me that they wrap it in delivery blankets ….
    Realistically are you going to actually ever shut the doors ? If you dont think you will then take the doors off and leave it off….. maybe down the track you can hang some material the same as either the curtains or your bedspread. When I had a tv in my room the cabinet doors were never shut …..


  4. Hello Lara

    Thanks for your birthday wishes on my blog – I had no idea you read my blog so it was a fantastic surprise.

    I have read your blog and read about you on other blogs (Kate’s, Meg’s) and heard your name mentioned in David’s podcasts. Perhaps you have been to the BM knitters’ group once or twice but I don’t think I’ve actually met you by name.

    Next time you visit, be sure to make yourself known.

    PS Sorry to hear about the Ikea disaster.


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