The Nappy Library

This is a new business, but it seems like a great idea – loan a range of nappies for your baby to try them out, and see what works for your kid before making a huge investment.

Great idea, I wish it had been around when we first started with cloth.

5 thoughts on “The Nappy Library”

  1. Just a dumb question… is it still possible to buy the kind of thing I think of when I read ‘cloth nappies’? That’s is, just a square of flannel (white, with red selvedges) that you fold and pin to keep it on. There were several folds that you could use to fit different sizes and shapes of kids. Are all cloth nappies manufactured?


  2. M-H: You can get flannelet squares, and terry cloth squares (in a variety of colours!) We used flannelet squares for the first few weeks, then moved onto “modern cloth”. Most of the ease of use benefits of disposables, tend to absorb more than the old cloth squares. And most importantly, you can get them with leopard print, etc. The modern cloths come from a variety of sources (some quite commercial, some just a mum with an Etsy store). Lara recently did a workshop to learn how to sew them herself.


  3. Thanks guys. I am hoping that it makes it easier and less daunting for people to try cloth nappies. It will take me a while to get the variety to be able to find *the* nappy for everyone, but I already have most of the types of modern cloth covered.

    M-H, you can use “flats” still, but most people find they arent absorbent enough so they end up changing too often, and they are more difficult for babysitters, dads, childcare, etc. And as Mark said, modern cloth comes in all sorts of designs and colours 🙂


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