I’m much cooler than I thought I was…

Nearly three years ago, I knit a cot blanket for little Lara, the first born child of my ex-flattie, and lovely friend, Anna.

It was made from Cleckheaton Country, in the most garish colours I could find, a basic feather and fan stitch pattern.

I loved it, Anna seemed to love it, and now it’s serving her second daughter, Ursula.

And today, I have seen it copied*.

Scroll down to the last picture, notice the blankie draped over the green cot in the background.

More pictures here.

*Of course they copied me! How impertinent to suggest that someone independently had the same idea at the same time 😉

3 thoughts on “I’m much cooler than I thought I was…”

  1. Oh, take it to the designers’ forum at Rav and have a tantie. I’ll fuel the fires by showing pics of one I’ve got that I inherited from my late partner what must be at least 40 years old to prove that you only unnvented it….

    On second thoughts, we could just get a life. 🙂


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